The Audit Corrections Act

PASSED ON 3-25-18

Today the RFTW Administration has just passed The Audit Corrections Act. The ACA was written to correct problems with our Community Audit and Administrative Audit systems. For those who may be new, the Community Audit and Administrative Audit systems are tools that any RFTW user can use to directly challenge the authority, the decisions, or the punishments by the RFTW administrators. Unlike other community wikis, we value our community members having the power, if the time comes, to replace and reverse the actions of the administration if we do something that is very disagreeable with the community.

"This act, if passed, will strengthen and correct key flaws within our Community Audit and Administrator Audit system. These systems were put in place to allow users to challenge and in certain situations remove administrators from office if they commit serious abuses of the RFTW rules such as Admin Abuse. Currently these systems are very outdated, and need their textual definitions updated to remove loopholes in the system. This will also revamp some minor corrections needed to our "Voting" section on the Administration page.
The following new pieces will be added in addition to fixing grammatical issues on the respective sections:
RFTW Administrators cannot vote in Community Audits, only Administrator Audits
The 72 Hour time crunch is extended for 7 Days (1 Week) for both audit types
All Administrator Audits and all Community Audit Reponses must be posted in the RFTW Forum sections for them.
Two new sections will be created under "Challenging The RFTW Administration": "Challenging An Account Ban" and "Challenging A Wikia Decision"
The "Right To Challenge A Ban" will be renamed to "The Right To Challenge The Admins"
Clearly specify legislation proposals that effect the "Rules and Conditions" page and the "Administrators" page must include what new text is being added.
All future legislation proposed must include what administrator will actually enact the policies if they pass
If passed, legislation will be enacted immediately by the Bureaucrat."

AMENDMENT 1: The RFTW Discussions will add a new section for Roblox Movie and TV Episode Reviews

AMENDMENT 2: The RFTA can make social media decisions with simple majority votes, and does not need to consider these decisions pieces of legislation. However, they can still be challenged by the community if the RFTA tweeted something that the community disagreed with.

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