RFTA Service Endorsement Bill

PASSED ON 3-31-18

Today, the RFTW administration just passed another piece of legislation regarding the development of a community-wide Robloxian television service. This bill officially sponsors JTVMusicTv's Lighting Player as our official community RTV service provider.

This bill, if passed, will give an official endorsement to Lighting Player on behalf of the Robloxian Film & Television Company. This endorsement can be withdrawn at any time with a majority vote, especially if Lightning Player conducts themselves against the spirit and rules of the RFTW community. This will include but is not limited to making the platform subscription based, not respecting the wishes of community members who do not want their content played on the channel, or supporting non-RFTW channels over RFTW ones in any way.

AMENDMENT 1: If approved, the act will be enacted when Lightning Player has full representation for all RFTW community members who have a TV network and want to participate in having their content streamed through Lightning Player.

AMENDMENT 2: Amendments to legislation must be approved by majority vote to be added to legislation hereafter.

DonValuta: Nay
Buddbudd222: Nay
JohnCena2305alt1: Yay
MightyPGK: Yay
Overwxtched: Yay