Repeal of the RFTA Service Endorsement Bill

PASSED ON 4-3-18

This morning the RFTW wiki administration voted to repeal an endorsement to JTV Networks's Robloxian Television service Lightning Player. This was due to developments that Lightning Player was going to be paid-subscription based instead of free and open access for all members, and also due to recent controversies regarding personal attacks on several members of the community.

We are looking for Robloxian TV service providers who want to cover all the RTV channels in our community on one service that has the same moral vision and values that our community does. If you are interested, please comment or message an administrator to get more details.

This repeal, if passed, will revoke the RFTA's endorsement of Lightning Player. The RFTA Chairman will be responsible for exploring options for either developing or endorsing another service provider with coverage for the entire RFTW community. Two twitter posts explaining the situation will be posted to the RFTA twitter account. Lastly, new changes to the ban appeal process and legislation voting.
Tweet 1: "Lighting Player was to be endorsed by the RFTA for featuring full coverage of all community members. After the events of today, the RFTA decided to repeal the endorsement. We are actively looking for RTV service providers who want to cover our community."
Tweet 2: "We welcome with open arms Dare102102 to our community! All former members of the RFMC are welcome to join our community. We have a shared heritage from Robloxiwood, and similar rights and rules for our community members."
Also included in this bill is rewriting the Community Threats violation to read the following: "This rule refers to the presence of a wiki user which is fundamentally hostile to the function, stability, or security of the wikia, thus posing an existential threat to the community. This can include individuals with previous histories of punishments from other wiki communities, individuals who have or are engaged in illegal criminal activity. Community Threats are given a 1 year ban on top of the critical rules ban ladder. Community Threats are decided by a majority vote in the RFTW administration. The offense related to this is Community Threat. "
Changes to Voting Procedures: "At this point in time, no further edits can be made to the legislation once debate has started."
"Legislation and Amendments proposed must not include content that is irrelevant to an overall stated objective."
A New Section on Wiki Retirements: "Any RFTW or RFTA administrator has the ability to retire or quit their office. Quitting one position means the subsequent retirement or quitting of the other. This also includes studio and company membership in the RFTA. If an administrator seeks to quit or retire, they only need to reveal their intentions in a public forum"
Another function for the RFTA: "Support and develop wikia content management and branding."
"Administrator Abuse" will be changed to "Administrator Challenges"
Changes to the Administrator Challenges: "If a User suspect any Administrator has abused their powers, or they want to challenge a User ban and warning, they should send a message to any Administrator with the following information.
Name of Administrator
Why the User should not have been banned. "
If passed, it will be enacted by the Bureaucrat.

DonValuta: Yay
Buddbudd222: Yay
JohnCena2305alt1: Yay
Overwxtched: Didn't Vote
MightysRockinStyle: Didn't Vote