Election Changes for Efficiency

PASSED 4-8-18

If the admins agree to approve this, all special elections will be held on Saturdays the next weekend from the date of an administrative vacancy. All Election announcements will be made in a new Discussion channel called Wiki Elections on the RFTW forum.

For the Summer 2018 elections, two administrative positions will be eliminated: The Rollback and the Discussions Moderator. These responsibilities will be divided amongst the Bureaucrat, Administrator, and Moderator (combination of Content-Discussions-Chat and Rollback)

Removal of all administrator guidelines. Remove all Legislation references from Voting Procedures. Remove references to "law" and remove references to 5 administrators. Remove the need to exactly state who will enact a wiki decision, assume informal agreement will decide who does it.

Lastly, "Right to Propose Legislation" is renamed to "Right to Propose Wiki Decisions" and all references to legislation are changed.

DonValuta: Yay
Buddbudd222: Yay
JohnCena2305alt1: Yay
MightysRockinStyle: Yay