Special Election for Rollback & Admin Changes

Good Day RFTW Community,

Today the wiki administrators have decided to make major changes to our wiki elections, and the number of administrators we have for our website.
Special Elections, when an administrator retires or gets fired, now will take place the next weekend after the date of a vacancy. This means that our special election for Rollback will take place April 13. If anyone is interested in running for Rollback, please message an administrator.

We have brought down the number of administrators from our current 5 down to 3. The new positions will be: Bureaucrat, Administrator, and a brand-new position called Moderator (combining Discussions-Chat-Content Moderator and Rollback). For our Summer Elections in June, this means that there will be only these three spots available to run for.

As always, we will keep the community updated with any other wikia changes that occur.