A Final Reponse

I was typing out a very long response to the blog post that was posted by a member of the RFMC on our wiki, but I was gonna post it on the RTV forums. I read it over, and honestly, it was too long and didn't come home to the primary reason why all of this drama keeps occurring.

I believe what is happening is that nobody is providing my sides of these issues that keep popping up. The blog post mentioned me attacking The Fall of Gary Bush and Dream Clouds Reboot, but it's not true, I never attacked those movies. But the rest the post will contain true statements, that I did say horrible things about many people in the community.

I wrote a long paragraph about why I am the only director who gets attacked for those statements. Back in Robloxiwood Skype Chats, that entire community used to horrible things behind each other's back to one another, I was by far not the only one, but I had a reputation for being a bull in a China shop, largely egged on by my old Robloxiwood friends who are either gone or doing their own things on another wiki.

I wrote about the history with the different communities, and how I actually got along with RFMC despite the hatred. I wrote that this community isn't just for me, it's for everyone. I wrote about why these feuds started in Robloxiwood and everything.

Here's the bottom line to it all: Despite how many times I can apologize for my transgressions in the past couple years, I don't know what else I can do to get it across that I don't want any more feuds, or vendettas, or community conflicts. None of us do. I wish I could actually talk directly to these communities and tell my side of the story, because otherwise it's just their words against mine and they don't believe me for a second. That's why even though we aren't doing anything, they believe I am probably trying to take over their communities, and if they don't stop me now, it's too late. This is the only explanation I can come to. There is no other reason that I can see why they keep attacking me and the wiki even though we have done nothing to them.

This is a message for that RFMC member or any others. If you want to finally end this drama, if you want to stop this nonsense, to fix these issues once and for all, please message me on my Discord. You will know how to find it. I want to talk, I want to resolve these problems for good. I don't want this wiki to keep being vandalized just because of me alone.

If this leads to peace, that's fine by me. But if this is still not a reasonable agreement, I and my administrators will take every action to defend this community. Your choice.