Revoking Bureaucracy

If passed this is what it will do:

-The wikia administration only needs to hold votes on the following important decisions: Administrator Audits, Suspending the Rules of Order, Bureaucrat Candidate Rejections, Removing & Expanding Admins/Positions, Wikia Election Schedules, and Policies Impacting the Rules & Conditions/Administration Pages. ANYTHING BESIDES THOSE, no longer will the administration need to hold a formal vote for them.

-Wikia Decisions and RFTA decisions will now be implemented informally. If a decision needs to be broadcast, as determined by the Bureaucrat/Chairman, then a non-binding vote is held.

-Any wikia decision that created a policy which did not get added to our Rules & Conditions/Administration pages, is subject to the enforcement or lack thereof by the Bureaucrat. Any policy the admins passed before, but that doesn't have anything to do with wikia user rights or administrator procedures, they don't have to follow, but can choose to.

-The Bureaucrat has the power to unilaterally veto or remove any wikia decision excluding a personal Removal from Office, Rules and Conditions, or Administration policies. The only way to challenge this is via a Community Audit.

-The Chairman of the RFTA will have full power to make, veto, and create decisions on behalf of the entire committee. The only way to challenge this is via a Community Audit.

-Wikia elections will now be every 4 months. After the elections at the end of June, the next election will be at the end of August (then December, then April, then August, etc.)

DonValuta: Yay
JohnCena2305alt1: Yay
Buddbudd222: Not Present
MightysRockinStyle: Nay (Late Vote)
TheMagRBLX: Nay (Late Vote)