Template:Infobox Actor AmericanWarshipsFilm is a director and the owner of Warships Pictures. Currently, American works closely with The Mafia Films and Darkest Danny Films.

==History== AmericanWarshipsFilm entered Robloxiwood with the planning of the film Herobrine in July 2012. A deal was made between Darkest Danny Films and Warships Pictures for both companies to release trailers and TV spots for the movie, with Warships Pictures distributing the film on their channel. Shortly after the release on April 4, the official sequel, Ender Dragon, was announced to be released in late June 2013. However, days before the release his computer crashed and Ender Dragon was lost. He is currently developing Herobrine 2 for a late 2016 release. American sought out CosimoValuta to direct one of his Herobrine Trilogy films, choosing the last film, The Return of Herobrine, before leaving the project. Gamerwalk was offered the position for the film, but later declined also. In 2013, AmericanWarshipsFilm was hired to be the director of Nickross03597's movie idea The Heist. Later on June 26, 2013, CosimoValuta signed onto the project and the two directors would co-direct the movie, with American being given the credit of Guest Director. ==Director Filmography== {| class="wikitable article-table" style="border-color:rgb(170,170,170);color:black;font-family:sans-serif;line-height:22.399999618530273px;text-align:center;width:580px;height:1px;" |- ! style="width:552.40625px;"|Name ! style="width:552.40625px;"|Year ! style="width:552.40625px;"|Director ! style="width:552.40625px;"|Type ! style="width:552.40625px;"|Status |- |Herobrine |2013 |AmericanWarshipsFilm |Roblox Record |Released |- |The Heist |2013 |CosimoValuta, AmericanWarshipsFilm |Film |Released |- |Herobrine 2 |2016 |AmericanWarshipsFilm |Film |In-Production |} ==Acting Filmography== {| class="wikitable article-table" style="border-color:rgb(170,170,170);color:black;font-family:sans-serif;line-height:22.399999618530273px;text-align:center;width:580px;height:1px;" ! style="width:552.40625px;"|Name ! style="width:552.40625px;"|Year ! style="width:552.40625px;"|Director ! style="width:552.40625px;"|Type ! style="width:552.40625px;"|Role ! style="width:552.40625px;"|Status |- |Vengeance |2013 |ThecapcomFreak |Armed Thug (Brown Shirt) |Film |Rereleased |- |Eclipse |2013 |ThecapcomFreak |Scientist |Film |Lost |- |Rescind II: Birth of Evil |2013 |ThecapcomFreak |Extra |Film |Lost |- |Meet the ROBLOXians (S1:E1) |2013 |Poppleworks |Himself |Series |Released |- |Rescind III: Armageddon |2013 |ThecapcomFreak |Extra |Film |Released |- |Herobrine |2013 |AmericanWarshipsFilm |Sherrif Steve |Roblox Record |Released |- |Infinite |2013 |Poppleworks |Sonic Harrison Hog XX |Film |Cancelled |- |Hardline |2016 |EddieScellta |Diego Kane |Series |Upcoming |} ==Awards and Nominations==

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