An Ordinary Job Interview is a 2014 ROBLOX film directed by CosimoValuta. The film was written by CosimoValuta and MarioDude0123. who provided the story. It is based off the short story The Story of Smith Smithon and How He Got His Job by MarioDude0123.


Smith Smithson has applied for a new job at a new company, Excitement Corporation. After word that he may no longer be employed at his current occupation, Smith is forced to put all bets on his future into the interview. However, the events that follow will create a circularity. Are we bound by fate, or do we make our destiny? Who really controls us?


The original short story to An Ordinary Job Interview was created by MarioDude0123, entitled The Story of Smith Smithon and How He Got His Job, which was posted on the Movies/TV/Books ROBLOX forum on September 29, 2013. While the original thread recieved a content deleted removal, MarioDude0123 gifted CosimoValuta the rights to the short story on October 4.

CosimoValuta announced on November 8, that AOJI would be his next film production, completing the screenplay for the film that day. Principal photography began on January 19, 2014. On January 20, CosimoValuta reposted a short story adaptation of AOJI on the Motives/TV/Books ROBLOX forum. The film was released on January 25, 2014.


Actor Role
Gamerwalk Smith Smithson
Xcalibur Carl Fetter
Blitzen Receptionist
TEDOG1232 Taxi Driver
Agentmeap Driver
Actor Role
Zilex1000 Donnie Franklinson
Enchantedtruffles Police Officer
XxthejasonkillerxX Firefighter
ThecapcomFreak The Man
OriginalLSummerS The Woman
Superpenguin55 Benzbot


Link To The Original Short Story Link To The Short Story Adaptation

  • MarioDude0123 initially planned for AOJI to be the first installment of a movie series which would continue on the adventures of the characters. CosimoValuta did not want AOJI to have sequel installments and wrote in the deaths of the major characters to ensure this.
  • From October 2013 to late-January 2014. CosimoValuta's had a Chromebook which didn't allow for video editing software. It was not until buying a desktop computer was CosimoValuta able to actually continue production.
  • CosimoValuta renamed the character Smith Smithon to Smith Smithson accidentally. It was not until many years later did CosimoValuta realize he was mispelling the original character's name from the short story.
  • AOJI was originally conceptualized as a short film but was later changed into being a full-length film.
  • Chronosnake Entertainment was planned to co-produce the film with The Mafia Films but business difficulties resulted in the project being a solo venture. The Knights of Hell, MarioDude0123's company at that time, was given Special Thanks in the credits to make up for this fact.


Year Award Recipient Results
Best Actor In A Leading Role Gamerwalk as Smith Smithson Nominated
Best Storyline CosimoValuta, MarioDude0123 Nominated

Main Characters

Name Basic Description Image
Smith Smithson A prospective employee who goes to an interview at Excitement Corporation but quickly discovers a dark secret program that will change the way he percieves reality.
Carl Fetter The former employer of Smith Smithson who owns and operates his own resturant called Carl's Coffee & Tea Shoppe.
Donny Franklinson The owner of Excitement Corporation, who has his own agenda and his own inner personal knowledge of the secret program.



An Ordinary Job Interview - Trailer (2014 Film)

An Ordinary Job Interview - Trailer (2014 Film)

Full Movie

An Ordinary Job Interview - Full Movie (2014 Film)

An Ordinary Job Interview - Full Movie (2014 Film)