Assortments is a 2014 ROBLOX film directed by CosimoValuta.


A director for a movie company, forced to begin his next film production, runs into obstacles when the studio limits his assortment of ideas down to a select few.


Assortments initially began as an idea between CosimoValuta and Olliekins for an anthology series of short films which would focus on incompleted Robloxiwood video projects and complete these films on behalf of their directors. On July 1, 2014, CosimoValuta had announced Assortments would be the next TMF project but when The Mafia Films leadership collapsed on July 22 causing the company to shut down, Assortments was offically cancelled.

On October 6, The Neo-Avant Institution aquired The Mafia Films as a subsidiary company, with it all of the intellectual properties the company owned, including the Assortments project. In November, CosimoValuta re-conceptualized the Assortments project as a short film, with its story based primarily on experiences working in the Robloxiwood Studio System, specifically with regards to interpersonal dynamics amongst directors.

The screenplay was completed on November 29. Filming began on November 30, with the official film poster released later that day. Filming wrapped up shortly afterwards on December 1. After editing for the movie was completed, the video was long enough to justify classifying it as a movie, and CosimoValuta announced Assortments would be a full film. The movie was released on December 6.


Actor Role
Superpenguin55 The Director
Supersilverchaos Company Owner
Agentmeap The Co-Director
Gamerwalk Chris
Actor Role
Enchantedtruffles Elizabeth
Routess Michael
JenniferHartson Taylor
HilariousCoolkat Coollegodude1
Bobtheclumsyman Supergoko98
ChildOfGiotto Zilex1000
ThecapcomFreak Zanderman222


  • The film references several other Robloxiwood film projects, including Elizabeth, Slick, Goodnight Saigon, Michael, Holiday, Limelight, and Taylor.
  • Several of the characters in the film were inspired by Robloxiwood directors, including KrisBush15, Zilex1000, ThecapcomFreak, Agentmeap, Ultrazz, and Popsfootloose949.
  • The series was initially planned to develop a short film reboot of Avenge, The Heist, Acrimony, WWII: War Heroes, and The Noob.

Main Characters

Name Basic Description Image
The Director The Director is a filmmaker trying to complete his first commercially successful project but is creatively blocked by the confines of the studio system.
Company Owner Company Owner is the owner of the studio that is in control of The Director's intellectual properties, and is pushing him to direct from a list of movie ideas that The Director is opposed to.
The Co-Director The Co-Director is a friend and partner of The Director who has been attached to numerous cancelled film properties stemming from The Director's failure to make a sucessful movie.
Chris Chris is a film business investor who pitches a potential partnership with The Director where he would have full control over his properties.



Assortments - Trailer (2014 Film)

Assortments - Trailer (2014 Film)

​Full Movie

Assortments - Full Movie (2014 Film)

Assortments - Full Movie (2014 Film)