Avenge (Reboot) is a 2014 ROBLOX short film directed by CosimoValuta. It is a reboot of Olympus23's Avenge short film.


Jack is sent into a surreal, half-shattered reality after finding his family murdered at the hands of his brother.


After discovering Olympus23's lost short film Avenge, CosimoValuta approached Olliekins to secure permission for a reboot to the film. Initital attempts to reboot the film began on July 2, 2014, however, when the leadership for The Mafia Films collapsed, the entire project fell apart and any conceptual footage was scrapped.

On October 6, The Neo-Avant Institution aquired The Mafia Films as a subsidiary company, with it all of the intellectual properties the company owned, including the rights to the Avenge reboot. Production began on October 7. The official poster for the short was released on October 8. The trailer was released on October 9. The full short film was released on October 10.


Actor Role
TEDOG1232 Jack
Littlegreen1 Jack's Brother
Routess Doctor, Jack's Son
Cook57 Jack's Wife, Nurse
ChildOfGiotto Jack's Second Son
Coollegodude1 Godsavenger
Tokyodrift7 Bobtheclumsyman


  • The initial attempt to reboot the short film involved Jack and Jack's brother impersonating each other to commit the murders.
  • At CosimoValuta's residence, a fire alarm started when filming for a scene was occuring.
  • Due to bad relations between CosimoValuta and Olliekins at that time, Olliekins only recieved a source material credit on the film.


ChildOfGiotto's 2nd Monthly Short Film Challenge
Year Award Recipient Results
2014 Best Horror Short Film CosimoValuta Won



Avenge (Reboot) - Trailer (2014 Short)

Avenge (Reboot) - Trailer (2014 Short)

​Full Movie

Avenge (Reboot) - Full Short (2014 Short)

Avenge (Reboot) - Full Short (2014 Short)