BBMN is a Roblox TV channel for Roblox Movies and series from Robloxiawood. The network is planned to make a 5 hour broadcast on the launch day of the network with a few of The Mafia Films movies. The network will be a 0 paid ad network and no ads will be shown from any other network or company's. Anything that is under Buddbudd Corporation like BBGN and BBS Channel will be advertised and its media outlet as well along with a few music videos as well. On January 1, 2017 DragonDipperBlossom has quit Roblox and gave freshforce programming to Buddbudd222. Budd said that the shows that have been implement to the acquired shows will be played in the summer or within the year of 2017 and some shows could carry on. On January 19, 2017 BBMN is now on BBS Player and Amicable.


Current Originals

  • Newsdesk
  • School Torture
  • Mighty Talk (9 episodes)

Acquired movies

Acquired series

Show Year Acquired Episodes
Recovered 2017-present 4 (season 1)
Scarlet 2016-present 3 (season 1)
Sunset & Blue 2017-present 2 (season 1)
Dipper The Woo 2017-present 1 (season 1)
Mighty Talk 2017-present 1 (season 1)

BBS Shows for BBMN