BBgn (short for Buddbudd Gaming Network) is a game show network in development by Buddbudd Corporation. The network was around for an unknown amount of time, and was left abandoned until late 2016 when Buddbudd222 relaunched development of the network, adding new shows to the lineup, and being added onto the streaming services BBS Player, RoTV and Amicable.


Name Poster Year
Deal Or No Deal [ROBLOX] May 6, 2017-Present
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire [ROBLOX] TBA
101 Ways To Leave A Game Show [ROBLOX] May 6, 2017-Present
Hole In The Wall [ROBLOX] TBA
Red Or Black [ROBLOX] TBA
The Chase [ROBLOX] (NNP) May 6, 2017-Present
Strike It Rich [ROBLOX] May 6, 2017-Present

Acquired Shows

Name Year
1 VS 100 (GSN) TBA
The Chase (USA) TBA
Deal Or No Deal TBA
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (2010-present) TBA
Blockbusters (USA) TBA
Dule (UK) TBA
Card Sharks (USA) TBA

Current Originals

None at this time

Upcoming Originals

Name Poster Year Director Status
Quizzers TBA Buddbudd222 Development
Code TBA Buddbudd222 Development
Stacker TBA Buddbudd222 Development
BBgn Late Talk TBA Buddbudd222 Development
Strike it rich [ROBLOX] 17 TBA Buddbudd222 Development
The Chase [ROBLOX] (BBgn) TBA Buddbudd222 Development