Battlefield is a cancelled military drama film by Johnairways8, produced by JAStudios and ST477 Film Productions.


After losing his older sibling to the War on Terrorism, Cody Mackerson is determined to avenge his brother and fight for his country. Little is he aware, conflicts both internal and beyond America's borders are rapidly brewing.


Beginning in early 2016, Johnairways8 has slowly put together a central plot for a war film, which he later titled Battlefield, named after the famous video game franchise. He stated "I've wanted to make a war film for years now, but up until this point, I have not had the proper resources to pull off something great. I want it to kick off a story that will get people to want more, or wonder if something will happen next, and possibly bring it into a trilogy if it grows large enough."

In mid-2016, scriptwriting began. Since then, it has been very slow. At the same time, Johnairways8 determined he would split up the film into four parts, each likely totaling up to 15 minutes, with one or two of them being well over that, all to "make it seem episodic, like each part is its own story because of the time differences between them". Later on in 2016, while beginning to wrap up on Cataclysm Pt. 1, he confirmed Battlefield will take place within the same universe as Cataclysm.

Minor filming on part 1 started in December 2016, but has since paused while the script continues to be a major work-in-progress. However, this footage was lost when Johnairways8's computer suffered potential hard drive failure. It is currently not known if it or the script will be able to be salvaged.

As of December 2017, after getting a new laptop, Johnairways8 has mentioned the possibility of completely restarting production on Battlefield.

In 2018, Johnairways8 announced his departure from ROBLOX filmmaking yet again, thus cancelling Battlefield.


Actor Role
TBA Cody Mackerson
TBA Ted Mackerson
TBA Dustin Sanders
TBA Ray Miller
TBA Jack Ramirez


Actor Role
TBA Ella Mackerson
TBA Owen Mackerson


Actor Role
TBA Drill Sergeant


  • The film is set to cover a length of time spanning up to 14 years.
  • While primarily based off of the Battlefield line of video games, the film is also partially inspired by Man of Steel.
    • It is not expected to follow a similar storyline to the video games.
  • Battlefield is set in the same universe as Cataclysm, Johnairways8's most recent disaster movie.