Buddbudd222 Studios' (also referred to as Buddbudd Studios) is a ROBLOX group owned by buddbudd222.


Buddbudd222 made the studio because he wanted to have a bit of fame. He was tired of all the people being so famous with their show off of ROX. so he took the balls and told RNBC (Roblox National Broadcasting Corporation) that he quit. He made his studio the way how it is. He started with low members. Buddbudd222 have built a HQ that was low quality. In 2012 when Buddbudd222 was TBC he made a HQ of Buddbudd Studios for 1 year that actually came on paper. It was easy but yet hard. He made a HQ that was about 7 floors and with the studio was 2 floors and went more and more from the months past. at the moment of time it was BBN News.

BBN News had a Newsroom that was sleek and to the point. In the studio they have made a tv set that was well made. Buddbudd Studios used models for their news sets back then. As the year went on in 2012 they made a new network called BBN .BBN is a network that they made for fame. BBN stands for Buddbudd Network. They have news and TV shows. They went live on May 5th 2012. Lucasgloss messed it all up and made BBN stop there launch and that caused him to be fired. He was rehired an estimated 2 years later through via Skype. On December 21, 2014 Buddbudd Studios put 10,779 tickets on a ad (R$580 for 10,000 tix **R$1 =17 tix**) The studio gained 137 members on that ad.

On February 10, 2015 TheMagRBLX made an idea of a admin panel for BBS. Buddbudd Studios has made a admin panel for the group of personal exclusive access for staff of the group, to make more communication. BBN News has ability to find more stories from IRL sources and look at the Facebook page of the studio. Videos from the YouTube feed shows on their from BBS YouTube channel. This is all a test run in beta with real workers of the network and studio. RMC and DDP are allowed to gain access to this because of the partnership agreement and the special bond of each other. The current version what Buddbudd Studios made is a temp, the official one will release soon. On April 1, 2015 Buddbudd222 announced that BBS is no longer apart of the TV industry. They will do movies for the remainder of the duration but returned to TV because they did not think it would of been easy to get actors and actresses.

On August 20, 2015 Buddbudd Studios to make a new HQ for BBN News and a big lot of the HQ for filming studios and for any shows or movies that they would make for the studio record.

On January 30, 2016 Buddbudd Studios planned 5 new shows including a revamp of a game show but needed to be tweaked to make the contestant not cheating. The studio has made a Board Of Directors that will only have 4 people in that rank who are qualified. Buddbudd Studios raised the age to 13+ to apply to the studio and anyone younger in the studio would not be fired because Buddbudd222 does not want to make a bad move like that to cause outrage. The studio also let every rank besides suspended and fan have the audit log.

On February 1, 2016 Buddbudd Studios will make a TV network soon but does not know what will be planned on it yet because it has not got to them of what they should plan. They will film all meetings in the studio and upload them on YouTube. They also picked up Dragon for his last season. The studio does not know when the first episode will be made but can confim that they have 3 episodes left on season 2.

On February 1, 2016 Mydraket one of the staff members of BBS has pleeded budd to let him have his own section of BBS. Budd and other staff members need to think about this move. This mean that all content made by MyDraket would be owned by the studio. In the month of when it first started it was closed due to filming standards.

On August 22, 2016 Buddbudd222 canceled a lot of shows and said that "BBS should be towards news, and machnimas, the show Dragon will not be cancelled until the end of its season due to the fact it has 7 episodes left to film." This does come after BBS reached 99 subscribers and Budd wanted to reshape the YouTube Channel and officially said BBN News will keep going but BBN will drop and they (BBS) makes a plea to resign out of the TV industry under order of Benzbot. BBS would be the 2ed channel in the TV community that broke to the 100 subscriber part.

BBS Music (August 19, 2016-present)

On August 19, 2016 Buddbudd Studios rolled out a new channel called "BBS Music" the new channel will have music videos and willing to take suggestions with members. Buddbudd Studios made there 2ed channel public from when they first started. They do not know when the next music video will be produced. The music video, "My Immortal" was deleted and arrogated to the channel, the old video had 228 views.

Music Videos

Name Poster Production Started Production Ended Editing Youtube
My Immortal
10/14/15 10/16/15 10/17/15
Hidden Citizens- I Ran
9/6/16 TBA TBA TBA

Styles&Complete feat. Empress - Free

Hidden Citizens-  I Think We're Alone Now TBA TBA TBA TBA
Madeon- The City TBA TBA TBA TBA
Hidden Citizens- It's A Sin TBA TBA TBA TBA
Hidden Citizens- Silent Running TBA TBA TBA TBA
Hidden Citizens- I just died in your arms TBA TBA TBA TBA
Hidden Citizens- Somebody's Watching Me TBA TBA TBA TBA

Radio Station (May 7, 2018-present)

On May 7, 2018 Buddbudd Studios made a radio station called "BBS Music". It is a commercial free station. The first official program is "BBS Top 10".


Name Poster Day Uploaded
They Really Need Help July 17, 2016

Lawsuit (2012)

In 2012, Whisperjamster was taken to court for deleting Buddbudd Studios' old ROBLOX group, taking all that group's members with it. Due to this, he was fired from his position as a co-owner of Buddbudd Studios, and buddbudd222 sued him for R$3,000 for damages. Whisperjamster ended up winning the case; however, buddbudd222 accuses him of staging the court trial and making it end in his favor, due to the fact that the judge asked buddbudd222 only a single question.

Former Workers

Name Job Fired For Year Who fired
Astronautjo Co-owner Abuse and threatening 2011 Buddbudd222
thatlucasglossguy News Messing up the launch of BBN 2012 Buddbudd222

Co-Owner Spamming shouts about a new network that was not going to be made. (BBSN) (Buddbudd Sports Network) 2012 Buddbudd222
Whisperjamster Co-Owner Deleting all members and hacking 2013 Buddbudd222
justin0614lee Co-Owner Resigning as a joke, and then raging that she didnt do the joke. 2015 Buddbudd222
TheMagRblx Co-Owner/News Host Threat for riots 1/24/16 Buddbudd Corporation 









N/A Activity 5/9/16 Buddbudd Corporation 
MichaelIsGr8 N/A Being involved in a scandal. 7/29/16 Buddbudd Corporation 





N/A Activity 11/15/16 Buddbudd Corporation 

All firing was done by Buddbudd222 until Buddbudd Corporation started in 2016



Name Poster Year Director Type Status
BBS Behind Closed Doors
Snapshot - 19
2013- Buddbudd222 Reality Under 2ed season
BBN News (season 4)
2016 Buddbudd222 News Hiatus
BBN Newsroom
2014- Buddbudd222 News Hiatus
BBN News Live
BBN News live logo
3-21-16 Buddbudd222 News Hiatus
Buddbudd logo
6-28-16 Buddbudd222 News For 2017
BBS Archives
TBA Buddbudd222 Archived footage For 2017
BBS Meetings TBA Buddbudd222 News TBA
BBS Questions TBA Budbudd222 News TBA


Name Poster Year Director Type
Pizzared34 Show
Snapshot - 28
12/19/11-12/22/11 Buddbudd222 Talk Show
The Bromley TV Show!
Snapshot - 32
2013 Buddbudd222 Talk Show
Michg24 Life Stories
Snapshot - 33
2014 Buddbudd222 Talk Show
Late Night BBN)
Snapshot - 21
2012-2013 Buddbudd222 Talk Show
Roblox Talk
Snapshot - 24
2012 Buddbudd222 Talk Show
Dragon logo
6/20/16 - 12/4/16 Buddbudd222 Talk Show
Deal Or No Deal [ROBLOX]
Snapshot - 37
9/3/11 -9/5/11 Buddbudd222 Game Show
Hole In The Wall [ROBLOX]
Snapshot - 36
Buddbudd222 Game Show
101 Ways To Leave A Game Show [ROBLOX]
Snapshot - 34
12/17/11 till


Buddbudd222 Game Show
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire [ROBLOX]
Snapshot - 38
2012 Buddbudd222 Game Show
Red Or Black [ROBLOX]
Snapshot - 35
2011-2014 Buddbudd222 Game Show
Strike It Rich [ROBLOX]
2012-2014 Buddbudd222 Game Show
BBN News 24
Snapshot - 39
2013-2014 Buddbudd222 News
30 Min Newscast
30 min newscast logo
2013 Buddbudd222 News
Pooponury News (PN)
Snapshot - 29
2013 Buddbudd222 News
Hello Roblox
Snapshot - 40
2012-2013 Buddbudd222 News
KNC News Cast
Snapshot - 31
2012 Budbudd222 News
Buddbudd Morning
2012 Buddbudd222 News
Roblox Tonight
Snapshot - 22
2012 Buddbudd222 News
This Morning Robloxia
Snapshot - 30
2012 Buddbudd222 News
Snapshot - 18
2012 Buddbudd222 News
BBN News (Season 1)
BBN News logo 1
2012-2013 Buddbudd222 News
BBN News (Season 2)
Snapshot - 26
2014 Buddbudd222 News

Never went in production

Name Reason Director Type
BBN Breakfast Not in the morning (technology at the time) Buddbudd222 News
BBN Lunchtime Not on lunchtime (technology at the time) Buddbudd222 News
The Business Late on stock numbers Buddbudd222 News
Gear Report May return as a segment on BBS News Buddbudd222 News
Casenumber23 (Talk Show) Never aired Buddbudd222 Talk Show
Becca122 (Talk Show) Never aired Buddbudd222 Talk Show
Kitkat Cancelled for 2017/ Never aired Buddbudd222 Talk Show
The Beat No Script Buddbudd222 Drama
rTV Drama No Script Buddbudd222 Drama
BBN Drama Never aired Buddbudd222 Drama
BBN Wrestling Violence Buddbudd222 Sport

YouTube Shows

This is the YouTube Timetable.

Name Poster Air Day Eps
BBS BTS (Buddbudd Studios Behind The Scenes) 8/31/16 1
BBN News
11/3/12 17
BBS Behind Closed Doors
Snapshot - 19
3/26/15 8
BBN Newsroom (online)
3/1/15 5
BBN Questions (online) WEEKLY 3/1/15 1
BBN Special Report
BBN News special report logo 2016
6/9/13 15

Former YouTube programing

Name Poster Day On And Off Air Notes Eps
Pizza Show 7/5/16 All uploaded into 1 series 1

Thinking To have on air

Name Poster When Director Type Status
BBS Archives
TBA Buddbudd222 Archived footage Production phase
TBA [5 eps] Buddbudd222 Game Show Development
The Chase [ROBLOX] TBA [5 eps] Buddbudd222 Game Show Development
Window Warriors [ROBLOX] TBA [4 eps] Buddbudd222 Game Show Development
Code logo
TBA [5 eps] Buddbudd222 Game Show Development
Stacker logo logo
TBA [10 eps] Buddbudd222 Game Show Development
Newsdesk (Season 1)
Summer 2017 Buddbudd222 Political Drama Scripting
Newsdesk (Season 2)
Newsdesk logo HD
Fall 2017 Buddbudd222 Political Drama Scripting
The Networks TBA Buddbudd222 Drama Scripting
The Playout Room TBA Buddbudd222 Drama N/A
BBN Nightly News
Snapshot - 27
TBA Buddbudd222 News N/A
BBS Meetings TBA Buddbudd222 News N/A
BBS Questions TBA Buddbudd222 News N/A
School Torture Summer 2017 Budbudd222 Kid Show Set Building




















3/14/15 99,999
3/14/15 446
4/20/15 10,587
6/3/15 1,004
6/1715 99,980
6/17/15 10,176
9/12/15 11,017
4/5/16 609
4/12/16 213

All of the value is TIX NOT R$ But to get 10K tix costed about $1,000 and it depends on the value through time.

Human error

On 3/14/15 Buddbudd222 was going to put another ad out for his studio to make it out of the park, Buddbudd222 went for real out of the park. He accidentally put in R$14,201 in damages because he earned 197,000 Tix. Buddbudd222 shared the photo to some of his workers on Skype. Buddbudd222 put 97,000 tix back into the system to get R$6,973. He had 99,999 TIX and the maximum was 99,999 TIX.

Tix end (2013-2016)

Buddbudd Studios made the last ticket transmission on April 5th 2016 because the roblox site was going into the robux phase on April 14th of that year. Buddbudd Studios had to put in every ticket to the final era to get all last members on the tickets era. The studio will use robux to officially buy the own way to have more members.

R$ ads





8/19/16 1,109
9/8/16 200

==Youtube Views==

This is the BBS Youtube views and minutes. This is recorded on an year by year base and it started off in 2017 as an effort of transparency and a way to reflect on what to do for youtube content in BBS. BBS does not focus on Youtube Red as much because that is not the least of their worries but it is for documentation.

Youtube Views

This is the BBS Youtube views and minutes. This is recorded on an year by year base and it started off in 2017 as an effort of transparency and a way to reflect on what to do for youtube content in BBS. BBS does not focus on Youtube Red as much because that is not the least of their worries but it is for documentation.

Year Viewers Minutes Views loss or gain Minutes loss or gain
2012 825 603 Gain 825 Gain 603
2013 1,102 1,022 Gain 277 Gain 419
2014 3,144 4,023 Gain 2,142 Gain 3,001
2015 3,555 2,956 Gain 411 Loss 1,067
2016 3,251 2,611 Loss 304 Loss 245