Carlaville​ was an upcoming 2018 ROBLOX film directed by DonValuta. The film is produced by Ultrazz, with MightysRockinStyle serving as executive producer. The screenplay is written by Jacob2934, with DonValuta providing the story, and RollingBigPower receiving a source material credit. It is a reboot of DonCurrency's film Carlo County Outlaws.


A Texas crime syndicate is torn apart when a personal feud erupts between the underboss of the family and a caporégime operating in the southwestern part of the state over differences between religious faith and authority.


In late 2014, after AGavent expressed interest in rebooting Carlo County Outlaws, CosimoValuta gave Gavent Movies the rights to reboot the film, with The Mafia Films co-producing the project. On March 21, 2015, The Mafia Films was made into a subsidiary of the newly reconstituted ConFilms Production Company. On November 23, Gavent Movies and ConFilms came to a deal and announced that the Carlo County Outlaws reboot was officially in development.

On June 27, 2016, The Neo-Avant Institution, after acquiring TMF as a subsidiary company, joined the project as a co-producer. On July 14, Ultrazz signed on as a producer for the film. On April 29, Gavent Movies was rebranded to JEЯK, which the reboot would be released under. On December 9, after a series of conflicts with the Robloxiwood community, DonValuta and The Mafia Films were removed from the Carlo County Outlaws reboot by AGavent.

On March 31, 2017, AGavent announced his retirement from the Robloxian film and television industries, handing the project over to rTV Networks along with JERK, resulting in BenzBot merging the properties initially into its subsidiary rTV Networks Gavent. On May 30, JERK became a division of rTV Networks proper when rTV Networks Gavent was shut down. On December 2, rTV Networks sold JERK to Lava Lamp Entertainment.

On March 18, 2018, The Mafia Films stuck a deal with Lava Lamp Entertainment to secure the rights to the Carlo County Outlaws reboot, with the intention at the time to shut down the production permanently. On March 24, DonValuta announced that the Carlo County Outlaws reboot would now be helmed by The Mafia Films under the new title of Carlaville.

Pre-production began the following day on March 25, with Ultrazz agreeing to continue on as the film's producer. On April 4, Jacob2934 was hired to write the screenplay from a treatment composed by DonValuta. On April 8, the official title card was released. On April 14, MightysRockinStyle signed on as an executive producer. The script was completed on April 23. On April 28, the official plot was released. The script was rewritten by DonValuta on April 29. Set construction began on April 30, and continued until May 5. Principal photography began on May 17, but production on the film shut down on May 26 due to loss of inspiration and lack of actors.


Actor Role
N/A Giovanni Karlino
N/A Saul Karlino
N/A Zachariah Ultrazz
N/A Royce Royelius
N/A Darcenzo Ninnemann


  • When AGavent helmed the project, he opted to not rename the reboot, deciding to just call the project Carlo County Outlaws (Reboot).
  • AGavent's version of the reboot renamed Giuseppe from the original film into Johnny, and had him wear a white mask to protect his identity. Other changes included Don Karlino being a hacker, and minor changes to each character.
  • Unlike the original film, characters in the reboot are not named after the actors who played them. DonValuta opted instead to give each character similar-looking names to their original actors.

​Main Characters

Name Basic Description Image
Giovanni Karlino N/A
Saul Karlino N/A
Zachariah Ultrazz N/A
Royce Royelius N/A
Darcenzo Ninnemann N/A