Criminal is a 2014 ROBLOX film directed by CosimoValuta. The film was written by CosimoValuta, with the story written by ThecapcomFreak.


In Oppidulum, Alaska, a crackdown on the city gang escalates into a civil war between the police and criminals for control over the entire town.


Criminal was originally conceptualized by ThecapcomFreak, as a new film which would focus around a group of gang members based off of legendary music rappers who start a gang war with the corrupt police. Envisioned as a pseudo-comedy/action flick, the film ultimately was cancelled, with ThecapcomFreak releasing the concept footage he had filmed in 2013.

Discussions to continue the project came after ThecapcomFreak gave away the film's rights to CosimoValuta in mid-2013. Ideas were floated to have the film be centered more on a police-gang conflict rather than focusing solely on the criminals. CosimoValuta officially announced that The Mafia Films was moving forward with the film project for Criminal on March 17, 2014. On March 19, the film's official title card was released.

On May 6, set construction had begun as well as principal photography for the film. On May 8, the official teaser poster for the film was revealed, and on May 18, the official theatrical poster was unveiled. The final poster was revealed on June 1. The movie was initially scheduled for a June 16th release date, but the release date kept being pushed back due to new film scenes being added over the course of filming and editing. Production on Criminal was finally concluded on June 29. Criminal officially premiered on July 1.


Actor Role
KingJonas42 Detective Walt Douglas
Bobtheclumsyman Jack
Rick120 Detective Johnson
OriginalLSummerS Officer Emily Brooke
TEDOG1232 Officer Gunther
Actor Role
XxthejasonkillerxX Police Sergeant Nyback
Tokyodrift7 Jay
ThecapcomFreak Rated X
TheFallen123 Big Pac
HilariousCoolkat The Pimp
Spiderboy9 Worldwide
Raddestdad Bone Crusher
Blitzen Lodge Manager
DinoZillaBoy Dr. Neilson
Actor Role
RyanA17 Warfield
Wholesaleryan56 El Diante
MTV78 Officer Icee
Popsfootloose949 Officer KLR
Tdafan123 Rick Sanders
Enchantedtruffles 16 Year-Old Girl
MoNaYLevithan Bone Crusher
Ahache123 Mayor Greenberg
RuthlessWarbeast Priest
Killerpizza1000 Attorney Appletree
Agentmeap Princessman00
DarkShadow02 FloydMath
Kady22 ADeadPoet
AlmightyNoob AGavent
JohnCena2305alt1 Firebreather560
Zyphra xREVitx
Zanderman222 Nickross03597
Iammister SGRTRAN
Hockeyhero123 LordCrossfire82
BigKidNuke Rocky288100
OccultFinder Crike89
Coolness34 Cobalien
Spysaboo Jackiepwners
Buzzlightyear32123 SamWilsonAKAFalcon
Yaman234 Clawbeats
Supergoko98 Vonacus
Up26 Jjztiger30
Tnacool Jeromeishacksource
Jetbot360 PositronAlpha
TheKatsPajamas Lavadraco
MrMeese Xxpro3
Bobo1728 MrMusicals
IINick Cooingguy1234
222222229 BogyMac
Tdafan123456 CosimoValuta (uncredited)


  • The opening credits state the film was based off of ThecapcomFreak's Criminal. This is technically an error because it is the same project.
  • The film was inspired by the Eminem song of the same name, which is played over the closing credits.
  • Big Pac's character was licensed to appear from TheFallen123's film Hyperblue.
  • The city used for Oppidulum is the same set used in Hyperblue, built by Superpenguin55.
  • Oppidulum translates to "small town" in Latin.
  • The line "Viva la Revolution" was first uttered by Popsfootloose949 during the filming of the police station attack scenes. The line was added into the film by CosimoValuta as an easter egg.
  • During production, Zanderman222, RyanA17, Faave, Bobbysayhi, and HilariousCoolkat were fired from the film, however, some of them were able to keep their respective roles in the credits.


In early 2017, DonValuta held a vote over the next film production. One of the choices was for a sequel miniseries to Criminal, which would focus on the revelation that Officer Gunther was a CIA agent and Jack's gang was promised immunity from the federal government. Emily Brooke becomes the Chief of Police, and suffers from severe depression over survivor's guilt. An Alaskan separatist movement starts to gain steam in Oppidulum, and once again throws the city into chaos.

On April 15, 2018, DonValuta announced that a reboot to Criminal was upcoming.


Year Award Recipient Results
2014 Best Director CosimoValuta Nominated
Best Actress In A Leading Role OriginalLSummerS as Officer Emily Brooke Nominated
Best Cinematography CosimoValuta Nominated
Best Storyline CosimoValuta Nominated
Best Screenplay CosimoValuta Nominated
Best Score CosimoValuta Nominated
Best Costume Design CosimoValuta Nominated
Best Production Design CosimoValuta Nominated
Best Special Effects CosimoValuta Nominated
Year Award Recipient Results
2014 Best Actor KingJonas42 as Walt Douglas Winner
Best Film Editing CosimoValuta Winner
Best Visual Effects CosimoValuta Nominated

Main Characters

Name Basic Description Image
Detective Walt Douglas A private investigator sent from Detriot up to the town to attempt to stop the gang activity.
Detective Johnson Partner of Detective Douglas and also a private investigator, Detective Johnson must deal with a conflict he may not overcome.
Jack The leader and founder of The Gang, who uses his manipulating skills and unassuming appearance to get what he wants.
Officer Emily Brooke An aspiring private detective, Officer Emily Brooke is a strong-willed and positive character who wants to figure out the whole story.
Big Pac A ruthless enforcer for The Gang who uses brute force to keep people under control.



Criminal - Trailer (2014 Film)

Criminal - Trailer (2014 Film)

Full Movie

Criminal - Full Movie (2014 Film)

Criminal - Full Movie (2014 Film)