Est Propheticia is a 2017 ROBLOX short film directed by DonValuta and produced by MightyPGK. Johnairways8 served as an executive producer on the film.


Steve Baldi receives an apocalyptic vision of the future while meditating on his Bible. Warning his local psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Harris, his concerns are dismissed as fantasy, but Steve fears the images he saw were not random but prophetic.


Est Propheticia was originally conceived as a potential collaboration project between JA Studios and The Mafia Films, under the title Propheticus, on May 19, 2017. DonValuta announced scriptwriting on May 29 and the completion of the script on June 1. Mighty Networks soon joined on as a third co-producer on May 31. Filming officially began on June 3 and continued until June 13. An initial release date of June 4 was announced but quickly came and went with the film stuck in development due to severe editing errors in Adobe Premiere Pro corrupting chunks of the video footage. On July 15, production on Est Propheticia ended when DonValuta announced he was entering semi-retirement.

On October 1, DonValuta came out of retirement by drafting two short film scripts for The Contender and Est Propheticia. The new script significantly altered the previous screenplay by incorporating the 2017 Australian Postal Ballot Vote for Marriage Equality into the plot of the storyline, as well as a much more prevalent Christian message. The project was restarted on October 15, with principal photography restarting on October 21 and ending on the same date. Editing began the next day on October 22 and completed on October 27.

The official video trailer was released on October 27. An official poster was released the following day on October 28. The full short film was released on October 29.


Actor Role
DinoZillaBoy Steve Baldi
JohnCena2305alt1 Dr. Stephen Harris
MightyPGK Mighty Foxx
Actor Role
Bobtheclumsyman Andy Thomas
DinoZillaBoy2 Pauline Hanson
Jacob2934 AmericanWarshipsFilm
Buddbudd222 Littlegreen1
Rallient KingJonas42


  • DonValuta custom-built Mighty Networks their own corporate headquarters for use as a set for this film.
  • The Mighty Networks Headquarters was gifted to MightyPGK and became the official headquarters for Mighty Networks.
  • DonValuta attributed elements of December 21, 2012: The End of Roblox as inspiration for certain parts of the short.



Est Propheticia Trailer (2017 Short Film)

Est Propheticia Trailer (2017 Short Film)

Full Movie

Est Propheticia (2017 Short Film)

Est Propheticia (2017 Short Film)