The Robloxian Film & Television Wiki History details the progression of major RFTW community events, from the founding of the RFTW to the most recent events.


In the beginning, there existed two Robloxian media communities, one dedicated to movies under the name Robloxiwood Film Wiki and one dedicated to television under the name Robloxian Television Wiki. DonValuta was a controversial director, constantly clashing and conflicting with other directors in the Robloxiwood Film community over personal issues and criticisms of the direction that the community was headed.

Before the RFTW was created, DonValuta sought to create a sister community within the Robloxian Television Wiki from December 27, 2015 to January 9, 2016. This community was to be focused on the idea of branding Roblox videos as Made-For-TV Movies, yet forging an identity independent of Robloxiwood. At the time, DonValuta was engaged in several conflicts with directors in Robloxiwood and sought to escape from the influence of the community and create content in peace. The primary reason for the Made-For-TV Community faltering was the refusal of the wiki bureaucrat of RTV, Benzbot, to protect the community development by banning certain members of the Robloxiwood community from joining. This lack of protection as well as Benzbot's refusal to consider DonValuta's suggestions for removing Community Threats led to the downfall of the Made-For-TV Movie Industry.

The Robloxian Film & Television Wiki (RFTW) was created on December 9, 2016 by DonValuta, initially under the title of the Roblox Film & Television Industry Wiki. In the Robloxiwood wiki community, DonValuta was permanently banned by then-wiki bureaucrat Rick120 for what DonValuta claimed were false charges - that DonValuta deliberately failed to update one of his project pages with current-day information. After his ban appeal was shot down, DonValuta quit the community to start his own, promising more freedom, democracy, and accountability than what the Robloxiwood community wanted to give its users.

The wikia was founded for one explicit purpose: Provide a community with members who were kicked out, banned, and isolated from the other Roblox film and television wikias. With the assistance of DragonDipperBlossom and BenIsLegit, the community foundations began to be developed, from the rules to project templates, and the transitioning of DonValuta's movies from Robloxiwood to RFTW. As a result of the creation of the wiki, Robloxiwood banned all of DonValuta's content from appearing on the Roblox Film Wiki, and threatening to do the same to any user who moved base to Robloxian Film & Television Wiki.

The wiki was structured with more wiki administrators in order to provide more routes for people to have a voice in the future of the community, with each position, even the bureaucrat, having to run in elections. There were originally 4 positions: Bureaucrat, Site Administrator, Rollback & Content Moderator, and Discussions & Chat Moderator. After a short transition period, DonValuta was determined to hold the first democratically held wiki election in any community. BenIsLegit won the election for the Bureaucrat, with DonValuta opting to not run in order to give the baton over to new filmmakers. BenIsLegit, however, chose to vandalize the wiki community, initially some suspect as a joke, but over time, Ben refused to take down the wiki on behalf of DonValuta who didn't want the wiki to be up if it was going to just be filled with vandalized pages. It is suspected that Bugameister, another ex-Robloxiwood community member who had major conflicts with DonValuta convinced BenIsLegit to keep up the vandalized pages.

After a series of wikia adoption requests, DonValuta was able to reclaim control over the RFTW, on November 21, 2017. Vowing to restore the community, DonValuta banned all of his personal rivals from the community permanently, including Ben. After forming a transition team, the RFTW held its second official elections on January 1, 2018. There were now 5 administrator positions: Bureaucrat, Administrator, Discussions Moderator, Rollback, and Content Moderator.

During this time, within Robloxiwood, a new community was formed, the Roblox Film & Media Industry (RFMC), by then-Robloxiwood leader Bugameister. Some believe that Bugameister was initially planning to turn the RFTW into his new Robloxiwood community before DonValuta took control. Initially hostile to the RFTW, DonValuta and Bugameister eventually stuck major deals between the respective communities to keep peace. A fourth community also developed known as the Foxhound wiki community.

On March 18, 2018, the RFMC was shut down, leaving the RFTW as the only active wiki community claiming to represent a major media industry. While the RFMC was later resurrected on April 2, DonValuta implemented new procedures to provide in-depth details on the decision-making progress amongst the administrators in the form of Robert's Rules of Order and Blog Post updates on the passage of wikia decisions, entitled legislation.

On March 18, the RFTW voted to create the Robloxian Film & Television Association, initially a community regulator, in order to handle promotion, community conflicts, and regulation of community actions. On April 6, the RFTW officially changed it's wiki domain from to

The Robloxian Film & Television Wiki has always been rooted in conflict with other communities who seek to destroy the community due to personal biases against the founder, the overall message of the community, or the members who make the community wiki their home. Despite these challenges, the RFTW has stood strong and stable where other communities have been divided and fallen.

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