JTVCon is a ROBLOX video media industry convention held in the summer and winter season semi-annually. The event was created by JTVMusicTV and was managed by the Robloxian Television & Film Group. The convention was originally established as a way to broadcast and celebrate the works and announcements of traditional Robloxian television companies but was later expanded to include all video media corporations including film studios. The first event was JTVCon Summer 2017.

On January 5, 2018, JTVMusicTV resigned from the RTFG and departed from the community, resulting RTFG selling the convention to Hexahedron Moongazer Group.


JTVCon was initially established in 2017 to further highlight the works of Robloxian television companies and serve as a convention for companies to show plans and their work. JTVMusicTV would be the host of each convention with his company JTV Networks managing the events. JTVCon Summer 2017 was the first event held at the convention. Although, the first convention received a reasonable amount of criticism, with complaints about the quality of the booths, and the convention hall itself. Many studios postponed their appearances of the event, leaving program scheduling unorganized and dysfunctional.

JTVCon Winter 2017 was announced two days later after the ending of JTVCon Summer 2017. The event was originally scheduled to take place on December 8, 2017. JTVMusicTV announced a partnership with TheMagRBLX to fix the branding for the event and provide a better convention center to hold company booths. On November 22, JTVMusicTV re-established the Robloxian Television Group under the new name of the Robloxian Television & Film Group, which resulted in RT&FG taking control of management for JTVCon from JTV Networks.

JTVMusicTV had announced on November 25, 2017 that JTVCon Winter 2017 would be pushed into January 2018, but this was reversed the following day when companies provided feedback on attendance availability. JTVCon Winter 2017 was announced and scheduled for December 29. On December 23, the partnership with TheMagRBLX ended when TheMagRBLX pulled out of providing a convention hall for JTVCon Winter 2017. Later that day, Buddbudd222 offered to merge ExchangeCon and JTVCon, which later led to a new partnership where Buddbudd222 would provide new convention halls for JTVCon Summer and Winter 2018. JTVCon Winter 2017 was still without a convention hall to host the convention until December 28, when JTVMusicTV secured a new convention hall from DonValuta, whose film studio was participating in JTVCon Winter 2017.

However, on January 5, 2018, JTVMusicTv officially stepped down as Chairman of the RTFG and transferred power to DonValuta, a film studio owner in the RFTG who was not affiliated with a membership at any level. JTVMusicTv pulled JTV Networks out of the RFTG, dissolved the JAwards, which were associated with JTVCon, and shut down Lightning Player. On the same day, DonValuta and Overwxtched stuck a deal to transfer JTVCon to Hexahedron Moongazer Group.


Each JTVCon is held over a three-day period: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the selected months of the Winter and Summer events. The event venue is free-to-play prior to, during, and after the convention. Presentations, booths, and all other user content is reviewed by the RT&FG prior to the event, and there are deadlines in place for content submissions, which are scheduled up to the day of the event before the official opening. This provides more opportunities for last-minute changes to attendence availability.

The initial day of JTVCon consists of an opening ceremony by the host, as well as time for guests and companies in attendence to visit each other's booths and discuss business in the industry. The second day consists of a series of event panels by companies who are attending the event, providing an opportunity to make new announcements regarding their respective companies and projects. The final day consists of an awards ceremony, the JAwards, where a series of winners determined by the host are given an award for their accomplishments, as well as closing remarks.

The event venue is divided between a block of company and studio booths and a main convention stage where the opening and closing remarks are made, where the event panels are held, and where the award ceremony takes place.


JTVCon Summer 2017

​JTVCon Summer 2017​ was held in Summer 2017. It was the first-ever JTVCon event. The event featured only booths from Robloxian TV companies. The event was poorly-recieved, as visitors voiced numerous complaints with the venue and dissatisfaction at the quality of booths that were submitted to the event. One individual remarked the event "looked like 2007 Roblox", but the main problems arose from numerous attendees cancelling on the event and pulling their companies out of participating in the convention. JTVMusicTV stated "I hated it, many attendees cancelled on me, and the convention hall looked bad."

JTVCon Winter 2017

JTVCon Winter 2017 was held in Winter 2017 from December 29 to December 31. Problems concerning the previous event were planned to be addressed at JTVCon Winter 2017, including finding a better venue location and increasing the overall quality of events, but little in format changed. One significant difference was JTVCon Winter 2017 was the first JTVCon to include film studios amongst companies participating in the event, expanding beyond only including Robloxian TV companies. Turnout improved in comparison to the Summer 2017 event, but the convention was plagued with poor event management and the last day of the convention was never held.