Johnairways8 is an American director/actor, and the owner of JAStudios, formerly known as Johnairways Studios.


Originally under the name johnairways before that account was deleted due to a hack scam, he returned under the new name, Johnairways8. For some time, he produced primarily ROBLOX-record films, his most popular being 2012 Apocalypse, a reboot of a film under the same name. Though it was never finished, it continues to be his most popular film to be produced using the ROBLOX record GUI, and Windows Movie Maker. Other films included -22 and Dropping, and -22 and Dropping: Return of the Mutants, and a series called ROBLOX City: Need for Speed.

For years that followed, he became less active on ROBLOX, only to return in September 2015 announcing his newest production, Cataclysm, a technical reboot of 2012 Apocalypse, but inspired by recently-released San Andreas. After a year and a half of production and numerous rendering glitches, part 1 was released on December 30th, 2016. It is his first ROBLOX film to be voice-acted, as well as his last.

In early 2016, he announced a war film, titled Battlefield, to be in the planning stages as well. Added to that, he has rumored a possible reboot to his older film, -22 and Dropping, with an entirely new plot.

Due to technical issues with his computer, Johnairways8 announced in June 2017 to be stepping down from filmmaking as a director temporarily until he is able to purchase a new computer, but plans to continue acting for DonValuta. In October 2017, after potential data loss when his computer died, John confirmed the cancellation of his movies. However, after acquiring a new computer to work on in December, John has teased the possibility of restarting production of Battlefield, and possibly also finishing Cataclysm.

Other planned films which are either cancelled or undetermined include but are not limited to Suicide Company, Ultranatural, Caldera, and We Joyous Few.


Director Filmography

(RR) = ROBLOX record

Name Year Type Status
Volcano Apocalypse (RR) 2010 Film Released/lost
-22 and Dropping (RR) 2011 Film Released
-22 and Dropping II: Return of the Mutants (RR) 2011 Film Released/cancelled
Terror on Metra 101 (RR) 2012 Film Released
Terror on Metra 202 (RR) 2012 Film Cancelled
The Blizzard (RR) 2012 Film Released/cancelled
2012 Apocalypse (RR) 2012 Film Released/cancelled
ROBLOX City: Need for Speed (RR) 2013 Series Released
-22 and Dropping III: The Final Hour (RR) 2013 Film Cancelled
Battle: Robloxia 2014 Film Cancelled
Cataclysm 2016 Film Released/cancelled
Turbulence 2017 Film Cancelled
Suicide Company 2017 Short film Cancelled
Battlefield N/A Film N/A
-22 and Dropping (Reboot) N/A Film N/A

Producer Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status
Est Prophetica 2017 DonValuta Film Released

Acting Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status
Alien Invasion 2010 Traindood Film Cancelled
Moon Wars: Return of the Zombie Prince 2011 Endpoint Film Released
War For ROBLOXia 2012 Endpoint Series Released/cancelled
Moon Wars: Zombie Planet 2012 Endpoint Film Released
ROBLOX City: Need for Speed Season 2 (RR) 2013 ST477 Series Released/cancelled
2012: The Final Days (RR) 2013 ST477 Film Released
The Dark Knight 2013 Endpoint Film Released
Eruption 2015 ST477 Film Cancelled
The Monster 2016 MindTakeOver Short Cancelled
The Storm 2017 ST477 Film Cancelled
Est Propheticia 2017 DonValuta Short Released
O Tannenbaum 2018 DonValuta Short In-production