​Le Souffrance​ is a 2017 ROBLOX short film written and directed by DonValuta, with Godsavenger executive producing the film.


Two French citizens spot a refugee's body washed up on the shoreline. As they ascertain the situation, the two begin to have a discussion about the future of their country and their people.


On May 8, 2017, DonValuta began to develop the concept of Le Souffrance in the aftermath of the 2017 French Election where The National Front's Marine Le Pen lost to En Marche!'s Emmanuel Macron.

The Mafia Films partnered with Fortitude Studios to co-produce the short on May 12. Filming began and completed on May 25, with editing starting on May 26 and finishing on May 27. The official poster was revealed on May 27, with the official trailer and full video released on May 28.


Actor Role
Dralion Jean Javert
TEDOG1232 Jean-François Pétain
Coolness34 Buddbudd222


  • Inspired by the results of the 2017 French Election.
  • The beach set was inspired by Marine Le Pen's May 5th presidential campaign video.
  • DonValuta fashioned Le Souffrance to be the antithesis to ArtDaze's short film Refuge.



Le Souffrance - Trailer (2017 Short)

Le Souffrance - Trailer (2017 Short)

​Full Film

Le Souffrance (2017 Short)

Le Souffrance (2017 Short)