Mighty Productions is a ROBLOX movie studio created by MightysRockinStyle. It is a production subsidiary of Mighty Networks. It is the division owner of TheFilmCard Inc.


Parent Company



Name Term
MightysRockinStyle October 1, 2017 - Present


On June 15, 2015, Lightstuff4567 took over Pearl Media, a movie studio, for XTV Communications. On July 5, the organization was renamed Pearl Media Entertainment and later on July 23, renamed Pearl Media Television Group. On July 23, the company developed Three Brothers Television, a television division connected with its subsidiary, Three Brothers Productions. On July 27, TBT was rebranded as XtremeTV, and began developing ROBLOX television properties for XTVC. Pearl Media Television Group was shut down on September 21.

On December 13, ItsMightyFox announced the development of a new television channel called Rigid Corners, which would focus on broadcasting original content from XTV Communications. On December 30, MightyPGK debuted the network, now renamed BLOOM.

On January 11, 2016, XtremeTV was shut down and merged with XTV Communications proper. On January 23, XTV Communications was renamed to Mighty Networks. BLOOM was repurposed as a television development network in the place of XtremeTV on February 10, under the title of Mighty Communications. The network fell into disuse, and dissolved into Mighty Networks proper later in February.

On March 6, MightyPGK formed Sumotrail Productions, a film studio subsidiary for Mighty Networks. On March 21, the studio was renamed to Mighty Networks Productions. On April 23, the studio was renamed to Mighty Media before also falling into disuse.

4Dimensions Productions was a movie studio created after Mighty Media fell into disuse, primarily to hold all original intellectual property of Mighty Networks. On May 31, 2017, Mighty Networks joined the short film Est Propheticia as a co-producer.

On October 1, MightyPGK began soliciting name recommendations for the launch of a new movie studio under Mighty Networks, and chose WeepinnWillow's proposal for Mighty Movies (stylized MightyMovies) as the name. Later that day, 4Dimensions Productions was shut down and merged into Mighty Movies. The studio was renamed to Mighty Productions on February 18, 2018.



Name Poster Year Director Type Status
The Secret TheSecret 2018 MightysRockinStyle Film In-Production


Name Poster Year Director Company Type Status
Carlaville Carlaville 2018 DonValuta The Mafia Films, ZZR Studios Film In-Production
Est Propheticia EstPropheticia 2017 DonValuta JA Studios, The Mafia Films, as Mighty Networks Short Released