Moongazer Productions, or just simply Moongazer, is an American-Robloxian production company created by the founder of the now-defunct Dipper Fresh Entertainment, Overwxtched (formerly known as DragonDipperBlossom.)

The company was first formed in 2016 under the working title, Digitizer Network, which was later went abandoned until it was reworked and officially formed as Moongazer Productions on February 28, 2017. It is a division of Hexahedron Moongazer Group.

Moongazer holds the current rights to all of the Dipper Fresh Entertainment library, including the now-canceled film, The Brave Tribe.


Name Poster Year Director Type Status
Sunset & Blue NoPoster 2016 DragonDipperBlossom (2016)

Overwxtched (2017-present)

Chat show Ongoing
Wxtch: Created by Overwxtched NoPoster November 2018 Overwxtched Comedy-Drama/Series Ongoing
Get Out Of Town NoPoster 2018 Overwxtched Drama/Series Ongoing
Coffeeshop NoPoster 2018 Overwxtched Comedy/Series Ongoing
Press Play NoPoster 2018 Overwxtched & Pxcify Miku Horror film In development