Murder is a horror slasher film co-written and directed by JohnCena2305alt1, and is inspired by the Garry's Mod gamemode of the same name, retaining the concept but has notable changes. The film is set in present day 2017 where two detectives must solve a case that has been unsolved for 30 years, while preventing the killer from halting them and others after the son of the alleged suspect, who isn't what he quite seems, targets them.

The film has been put on-hold, due to pre-production issues.


Two locally-famous detectives take on one of the most infamous cases in the history of Chicago, where they learn that the son of the alleged killer is not who he says he is. But as they grow closer to the truth and attempt to arrest a killer on the loose inside his mansion, disastrous consequences follow.


Back in 2014, the director and co-writer, JohnCena2305alt1, was visited by his friend and fellow filmmaker, Twelvetothirteen, about adapting the Murder games on ROBLOX to the ROBLOX film industry. They agreed, where Twelve wrote a script about ROBLOXians being abducted and killed by a cyborg killer. It was eventually rewritten, adding a noir element to it, with the cyborg killer being retained. In late 2014, DonValuta had written a 25-page draft about a human killer with the revised plot details. The film had seen a difficult production; it has seen delays and cancellations due to the lack of actors and actresses in roles, and also the creative and writer's block of the director and co-writer himself.

However, in early 2017, the film has finally begun it's pre-production stages, with John writing a script, based on some of his ideas and Don's old draft, with Jacob2934 being hired to rewrite the script. As of today, the only actors and actresses who have been cast are WeepinnWillow and Buddbudd222 as Detective Allison Miller and Forensic Analyst Steve Turner, respectively.

On January 26, 2018, WeepinnWillow left the cast, citing a desire to work on other projects.

On February 17, 2018, the film's production was halted, citing difficulties during pre-production stages.


Main Cast

Present Day (2018)
Character Actor/Actress
Detective Joseph Lightoller TBA
Detective Allison Miller TBA
Robert Dyson, Jr. TBA
Flashbacks (1988-2016)
Character Actor/Actress
Robert Dyson, Jr. TBA
Samantha Peters-Dyson TBA
Robert Dyson, Sr. TBA

Major Cast

Chicago Police Department (2018)
Character Actor/Actress
Chief of Police Brock Edwards TBA
Forensic Analyst Steve Turner Buddbudd222
Forensic Analyst Steve Turner TBA
Forensic Analyst Steve Turner TBA
Officer Seth Gutierrez TBA
CSI Leader Rex Richards TBA
Captain Jackson Robbins TBA
Deputy Marcus Robbins TBA
Sergeant Gavin Williams TBA
Officer Matt Moore TBA
Officer Gabriel Robbins TBA
Party Guests (2018)
Actor Role
TBA Laurence Sutherland, Jr.
TBA Kate Sutherland
TBA Peter Henning
TBA Joshua Henning
TBA Jenna Murphy
TBA Jane Allen
TBA Ben Stafford
TBA Anna Sutherland
TBA David Reynolds
TBA Betty Roberts
TBA Lilly Foster
Chicago Police Department (1988)
Actor Role
TBA Chief Steve Edwards
TBA Officer #1
TBA Detective #1
TBA Joseph's Grandfather
TBA Officer #2
TBA Officer #3
TBA Allison's Uncle

Minor Cast

SWAT Team (2018)
Actor Role
TBA SWAT Captain
TBA SWAT Officer #1
TBA SWAT Officer #2
TBA SWAT Officer #3
TBA SWAT Officer #4
TBA SWAT Officer #5
TBA SWAT Commander #1
TBA SWAT Commander #2
TBA SWAT Commander #3
Flashbacks (1988)
Actor Role
TBA Judge Charles Bedford
TBA Aunt Gillian
TBA Taxi Driver
TBA Bully
TBA Young Lillith
TBA Other Bullies
Party Guests (2018)
Actor Role
TBA Laura Winchester
TBA Elias Smith
TBA Andrew Carson
TBA Daniel Evans
TBA William Foster
TBA Terry Jackson
TBA Harry Dyson
TBA Lillith Foster-Dyson
TBA Jim Foster
TBA Guest #2
TBA Stephen Underwood
TBA Guest #3
TBA Darcy Phillips
TBA Marionne Decker-Henning
TBA Guest #4
TBA Guest #5
TBA Allen Johnson
TBA Cynthia Morris
TBA Richard Hendricks
TBA Kirk Levinson
TBA John Anderson
TBA Guest #7
TBA Kevin Hendricks
TBA Sandy Mitchell
TBA Guest #8
Other Characters (2018)
Character Actor/Actress
Older Judge Bedford TBA
Christopher Davis TBA
Citizen #1 TBA
Citizen #2 TBA
Citizen #3 TBA
Citizen #4 TBA
Citizen #5 TBA
Citizen #6 TBA
Psychologist TBA
Mother TBA
Father TBA
Elder Daughter TBA
Daughter TBA
Babysitter TBA
Officer #4 TBA
Officer #5 TBA
Inspector Jason Reeves TBA
Inspector Lorraine Kruger TBA

Other Characters (1988)

Character Actor/Actress
Prison Guard TBA
Prisoner #1 TBA
Prisoner #2 TBA



Main Characters



  • Most of the names of the characters have been revised. From the original vision that the director had, Brooklyn and Alexander were the former first names of Jason and Lorraine. Some names have been completely revised, for example Lisa's name used to be Miranda Chase until the major revision of the characters.
  • This is another attempt to make the film, after multiple attempts ended up in cancellations.
  • DonValuta worked on the film's first draft.
  • Most of the roles have been changed, but a few of them still retain theirs. The two detectives of the film retain their roles but they have personality changes in order to provide more substantial character development.
  • Christopher Davis' name used to be Liam Foster and that he used to be a Caucasian homeless male, and then a major revision recommended by BenIsLegit on Discord made the director revision Christopher into an African-American.