Off The Air is a movie about the ROBLOX TV Industry. It was created by MightyPGK (Idea by buddbudd222) and is currently In Production.


A TV company called CoffeeTV has over 1,000 Employees. 4 Employees try to help a new recruit named Max McSavy survive being in the TV industry.


Main Character

Actor's Name Character Description
TBA Dan Sakman Is 23, Works at CoffeeTV as a news anchor; Looks up to god and Jesus when in doubt.
TBA Sid Ckidd 24, Works at CoffeeTV as a Newsdesk manager; Is shy and slips up a few times.
TBA Manny Herflord 19, Works at CoffeeTV as an intern; Wants to be promoted to Manager.
TBA Seth Carter 33, Works at CoffeeTV as a sign-language translator. Has Autism.
TBA Max McSavy 21, Works at CoffeeTV as a News Anchor; New Recruit.


Actor(s) Role Description
TBA Extras Have no main role in movie other than acting to make the scenes realistic.