PayDay For You and Me is a 2014 ROBLOX film directed by CosimoValuta. It was co-written by CosimoValuta and Popsfootloose949, with Harry131291 providing the story. It is based on the short story of the same name written by Harry131291.


An older man listens to Simon Viklund as he describes working at Blox News Channel, and how he claims they really control the stories. One day, Simon is hired at Blox News and becomes a reporter under his news director. The stories become increasingly violent. Soon Simon is covering the biggest news story of his career: The Robbery of the First World Bank. What does that man know that Simon doesn't?


The original short story to PayDay For You and Me was created by Harry131291 as a fanfiction of the PayDay 2 video game, which was posted on the Movies/TV/Books ROBLOX forum on August 26, 2013. On September 28, CosimoValuta secured the rights to create a film based off of the original short story. On December 3, CosimoValuta held a writing contest in the Robloxiwood community which would award the winner a co-writer status on the film if they submitted the best crime story or situation. Popsfootloose949 won the contest on December 31.

On January 25, CosimoValuta got permission from BenzBot to use the name and likeness of the actual Blox News Channel, which is owned by rTV Networks group. On January 26, 2014, CosimoValuta officially announced Vexant Inc. and The Mafia Films would co-produce the project together. The scriptwriting was finished on January 28. On February 9, principal photography began on the film. The official character posters were released on March 14. Filming concluded March 17, and the editing of the film was completed later that same day. The official premiere was held on March 17, 2014.


Actor Role
KingJonas42 Simon Viklund
OriginalLSummerS Harrietta
TEDOG1232 News Director, Hoxton
Coollegodude1 The Man
Gamerwalk Nelson Meedleson
Actor Role
Agentmeap The Wife
Routess Assassinator
XxthejasonkillerxX Waitress
TheFallen123 The Mayor, Mother, Dallas
Actor Role
CosimoValuta Ronald Reagan
Juzzy4 Father
DarkShadows02 Son
ThecapcomFreak Wolf
Judaria Chains
Kylebugoy56 Merv3090
FloydMath BenIsLegit
Johnsongresh MASTERLUKE755
Blitzen Zanderman222
Antoo2012 SemiSh0x
Moses747 Zyphra
Kady22 Greengobiln21
Lazyboy52027 Crazykiller1212
Crike88 AlmightyNoob
Cooingguy1234 Toughsojaboy
TokyoDrift7 TinyTroco21
TheDeadOverlord Mahe11


Link To The Short Story

  • A number of scenes were filmed on location at rTV Networks Headquarters, where the Blox News Channel set is located.
  • A conceptual video was released during filming to a test audience of Robloxiwood members. Due to negative responses from the high-contrast black and white cinematography, CosimoValuta shot the rest of the film with a different cinematography techniques. However, in the beginning of the film, the opening sequence still features some of that original footage.
  • Nelson Meedleson's character was licensed to appear in this film from CosimoValuta's film The Rohemian Club.
  • In the credits, the character Hoxton is incorrectly named Foxton.
  • After filming completed, Coollegodude1 announced the movie would be his last film, prompting CosimoValuta to honor him by only using footage of his acting in the final video. Cool later returned to the industry following the film's release.
  • On January 28, after reading the plot for the film, BenzBot wanted to assure potential future viewers of the actual channel that "this movie does not depict how the real Blox News Channel works" BenzBot stated he hopes that the film will interest more people in the Robloxian television industry, as well as garner publicity for the channel and his rTV Networks as a whole.


Year Award Recipient Results
2014 Best Picture CosimoValuta Nominated
Best Actor In A Leading Role KingJonas42 as Simon Viklund Nominated
Best Actress In A Leading Role OriginalLSummerS as Harrietta Nominated
Best Actor In A Supporting Role TEDOG1232 as News Director Nominated
Best Film Editing CosimoValuta Nominated
Best Screenplay CosimoValuta Nominated
Best Production Design CosimoValuta Nominated
Best Visual Effects CosimoValuta Nominated

Main Characters

Name Basic Description Image
Simon Viklund A new employee at BLOX News, who will soon discover the truth behind the stories.
Harrietta A co-anchor at BLOX News, who keeps up the moral spirit of the network.
News Director A news director at BLOX News who controls and subjugates his employees with his strong Conservative connections.
The Man A mysterious figure who listens to Simon, hiding a truth to the story.
Nelson Meedleson A cameraman and interviewer at BLOX News.



PayDay For You and Me - Trailer (2014 Film)

PayDay For You and Me - Trailer (2014 Film)

Full Movie

PayDay For You and Me - Full Movie (2014 Film)

PayDay For You and Me - Full Movie (2014 Film)