Press Play is an upcoming horror film directed by the duo Overwxtched & PxcifyMiku, its produced and distributed by Moongazer Productions. It is based on the horror story of the same name written by Overwxtched & PxcifyMiku.


Prior to the events of the film, in 1993, a video game developement company had released a rare game called, House Arrest that was released to selected local game retailers with only about 250 game cartridges were sold in just two days before being suddenly discontinued without any confirmation to the retailers that sold the game, but some of the 250 people who allegedly bought the game just over twenty years later, things get mysterious when experiencing the game.

Twenty-three years later, a fourteen-year-old discovers the game, and when he plays the game, horrifying and somewhat sketchy stuff starts surrounding his residence. He is giving seventy-two hours to track down the creator of the game, before it could potentially cost his life forever.