RBC Network is a British-Robloxian television company owned by TheMagRBLX. RBC was founded on March 9, 2014 as a pre-launch operation, then was officially launched on September 7, 2014, and, following a three year hiatus, relaunched on October 19, 2017.


RBC Network was founded on March 9, 2014, and it originally started as a Robloxian parody of Cartoon Network; however, the former owner and manager of the channel, tomtim365 didn't necessarily understand the programming and format of Cartoon Network. Due to the existence of a similarly-aimed kids' outlet, GN2, owned by Gavent Television Group (ultimately folded into rTV Networks' rTV3 in November 2014 after the acquisition of GTG through rTV Networks Gavent), RBC Network became an entertainment and news channel, similar to BBC One.

On July 25, 2014, co-owner of RBC, dragonfruit348 announced the unofficial slogan of RBC Network, "Live. Laugh. Love!". Dragon explained the meaning of the slogan at the time of its announcement: "'Live' is entertainment and news, 'Laugh' is entertainment, [and] 'Love' is entertainment."

It was announced that BBC Robloxia would rebrand as RBC on November 5, 2017, but after a hard drive failure, they rebranded corporately as RBC and changed it's main Twitter account to @robloxiasrbc early on October 19.

RBC's flagship channel, RBC One, launched on November 5, 2017. Following that, RNT was revived to operate under the company, and a rebrand of Cool TV occurred, relaunching unofficially as RBC Cool.



Rbc one logo

RBC One is a Robloxian general entertainment channel that broadcasts worldwide on RoTV, Amicable and soon the newly revived 3view.


  • Talk and Toast
  • Dragon
  • SomberTalks


  • RBC News
  • Political Favors

RBC Cool

RBC cool logo

RBC Cool is a entertainment channel that broadcasts to Wales. While it serves as a Welsh version of RBC One, according to RBC, it airs its own, in-house, separate programming schedule.


RNT is a channel exclusive to 3view, It will broadcast 24 hours a day broadcasting programming about Robloxian Nations and also real life nations.

It's slogan is "See the world more clearly"