Real Time with DonCurrency is a 2012 cancelled ROBLOX show created and hosted by DonCurrency.


Robloxiwood director DonCurrency discusses topical ROBLOX events with guests from various backgrounds.


On September 1, 2010, DonCurrency announced a new game show which would have DonCurrency taking on a variety of different ROBLOX challenges against another expert opponent to see who would win first, entitled Don vs. The World. Production on the show never continued and the project languished until early 2012 when DonCurrency decided to bring back the show idea but with several changes to transform the project into a talk show.

On March 15, 2012, Real Time with DonCurrency began production on the first episode of the planned 10-episode 1st season. Episode 1 was released in late-March 2012. The episode was later lost when the YouTube channel hosting the video was shut down, causing the entire show to be cancelled when the ROBLOX account of DonCurrency was hacked in mid-December of 2012.


Episode Title Description Director Release
1 "Episode 1" Interviews with Zilex1000, Superpenguin55, and a third guest. DonValuta March 2012


  • The show was discontinued due to the intensive editing process for each show.
  • Each episode was planned to contained many real-life advertisements throughout the video as to give it a sense of authenticity.
  • The show involved moments of swearing in-game, which caused controversy due to the fact guests of the show could get banned for their commentary by ROBLOX moderators.
  • Don vs. The World was initially announced to have DonCurrency and Robloxiwood director Ultrazz compete for who could make a new ROBLOX movie the fastest within a certain peroid of time. The challenge never materalized beyond the announcement.
  • Heavily inspired by the talk show Real Time with Bill Maher, and Shaq vs. The World.