Revengance​ is a 2012 cancelled ROBLOX film directed by DonCurrency with Revenger123 co-directing the film. It is the official sequel to Revenger123's film Revenger.


It's been 2 years since HALO was killed off. Now, Revenger123 facing a troubling marriage, difficult economic hardship, and a Local Election faces a new challenge when HALO is brought back to life, stronger than ever, and bent on pure Revenge of his loss. Can Revenger save everyone he loves and himself, or will the final battle of Good and Evil be decided by other people?


After the success of Revenger, Revenger123 had conceptualized some ideas for what a potential sequel to the film would entail, however, development on a sequel did not happen until April 1, 2012, when DonCurrency and Revenger123 struck a deal for The Mafia Films to create a sequel to Revenger. DonCurrency releasing the film on his YouTube channel first, then a month later, Revenger123 would release it on his own channel.

On May 5, 2012, DonCurrency began the casting process for the film, under the working title Sequel to Revenger. On May 12, a poll was held to determine the official title for the project: Revenger 2/II, The Fall of Revenger, Revenger: Rise of HALO, or Revengance. Principal photography officially began on May 25, largely focusing on making footage for the trailers. On May 26, DonCurrency officially announced the title of the film, Revengance, releasing the film's plot and an official teaser trailer.

On June 5, DonCurrency released a set of three posters for the film: the teaser poster, the theatrical poster, and the final poster. On June 6, 2012, Revenger123 dropped out of the main role, and requested that DonCurrency take the spot via his alternative account CosimoValuta. On June 16, a theatrical trailer for the film was released. On June 25, the production officially began major filming sessions.

On July 1, a large film session fell apart after disobedient actors delayed filming for five hours. A final trailer was released for the film later that day, but was largely composed of already featured footage from the previous trailers. Later in 2012, it was officially announced that Revengance was officially cancelled due to lack of development on the film, lack of inspiration from the director, and overall sloppy production values which tainted the progress on the movie, and the project would be re-worked into an eventual reboot of the entire Revenger intellectual property.


Actor Role
DonCurrency Revenger123/Revenger, DonCurrency
Superpenguin55 Pumpkin Head, UN Peacekeeping Troop
Razer7275Rocks Icee13/ICER
Popsfootloose949 HALO
Darkness9000 EJK9000/ASH
Reserved XoRaxian Leader
Actor Role
Nguyena Nguyena
Ultrazz Special Agent Ultrazz
Knoxer Retired Army Veteral Alienkiller1638
Cena12123 Demon Priest
Telepoke Military General
Zilex1000 Mayor
WOWITsTRAINZ1995 General Comiconor, HALO's Mom
Actor Role
Penguinman653 Hospital Doctor
Atpo32 Prison Guard
Olympus23 Prison Guard, Halo's Henchmen, Construction Worker
KoopaBowser News Anchorman
Poppie33 News Anchorman
Nascarbrod News Anchorman
Gunmaster707 News Anchorman
AdorableMichi212 News Anchorwoman, HALO's Dad
Dralion News Crew
Jokers360 SETI Scientist
Shadow1550 Army Veteran
Dnd256 Army Veteran
Coollegodude1 Halo's Henchman
Taksrock21 Citizen
Riku1257 National Guard
Agentk15 National Guard
Coolmama50544 Iraqi Soldier, Navy Sailor
AmericanWarshipsFilm UN Peacekeeping Troop
KrisBush15 Construction Worker
Starfire289 Construction Worker
Hollow2023 Construction Worker
Atpo32 Prison Guard
Kinglimerules330 Policeman
Skunkycat Poketroll
Riku1257 Dragovichblackops
Meanconnor916 Doggyman


  • There were many pre-existing ideas for a Revenger sequel before Revengance. One idea involved Gutiotyu from the first film getting his head choppoed off and replacing it with a pumpkin head, becoming the villian Sinister P. Ideas proposed by cast members of the film involved a body-double clone for Halopro21, suggesting the real Halopro21 may still be alive. An additional idea suggested was that Revenger123 might have a nephew who takes up the mantle and becomes the next Revenger.
  • The plot for Revengance revolved around Halopro21 being ressurected by an alien bounty hunter, EJK9000, with alien technology. Revenger would have to defeat Halopro21 again, as well as EJK9000 who becomes the supervillian ASH, and then deal with an alien invasion by the XoRaxians. EJK9000 himself contributed heavily to the film's plot before he was let go from the project due to personal conflicts between him and DonCurrency.
  • There were initial discussions on creating a third Revenger movie, Revenger III, but no conceputal ideas were developed in detail and were later incorporated into the Revenger reboot project.



Revengance - Teaser Trailer (2012 Cancelled Film)

Revengance - Teaser Trailer (2012 Cancelled Film)

Revengance - Theatrical Trailer (2012 Cancelled Film)

Revengance - Theatrical Trailer (2012 Cancelled Film)