RobloxDC Studios (RDC) was a co-production company that specializes in Roblox adaptations of DC comic properties.


RobloxDC Studios was originally started by MarioDude0123, after RobloxMarvel Studios was started, in order to create films based off of DC properties. The project was later made public by Mario on July 10, 2013. Popsfootloose949 and MisterThrowback joined the project, and on November 5, BenIsLegitMoses747, Olliekins, and KrisBush15 joined the group. Although the directors were building a cinematic comic universe, none of their projects were ever completed. After several confrontations, The Mafia Films seized control of RobloxDC Studios and restructed it into a co-production company. With new leadership, nearly all existing film projects were cancelled and new deals between directors began.

After the collapse of The Mafia Films in Summer 2014, TEDOG1232 took control of RobloxDC Studios with Poppleworks and brought RobloxDC back to the original idea for RDC, with a cinematic universe as its leading production model. However, later on many directors left RobloxDC over creative control issues due to the shared universe model. On October 14, 2014, CosimoValuta and TEDOG1232 stuck a deal to manage RobloxDC Studios under new leadership. RobloxDC Studios was made a subsidiary of the Neo-Avant Institution.

Due to the sheer size of the number of planned and cancelled projects by the previous administrations, NAI completely abolished all film properties and plans from their owners and companies for projects that did not manage to release visual media, cleansing their filmography. RobloxDC Studios released its first film The Great Darkness on November 21, 2014.

Company Information


  • No continuity between productions.
  • Productions must have a serious tone.
  • No productions may go past a trilogy.
  • Directors must complete their productions with high-quality.
  • All productions must have the RobloxDC Studios Introduction and be approved by the leadership.
Owners of RobloxDC Studios
Name Position
MarioDude0123 2013
MisterThrowback, Popsfootloose949 2013
CosimoValuta 2014
TEDOG1232 2014
Littlegreen1 2014-2015


Name Year Director Companies Type Status
Watchmen 2014 MisterThrowback Throwback Studios Film Cancelled
Teen Titans 2014 Spiderboy9 Arachnid Studios Series Cancelled
Superman 2014 TheFallen123 Stopmotion101 Studios Film Cancelled
World's Finest 2014 BenIsLegit BenIsLegit Productions Film Cancelled
The Great Darkness 2014 CosimoValuta Neo-Avant Institution Film Released
Batman 2014 Routess Route 66 Productions Film Released
The Flash 2014 XxthejasonkillerXx, Littlegreen1 Independent Film Lost