Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (Formerly known as Untitled Spider-Man Film, Working Title: Old Man Spidey) is an upcoming ROBLOX superhero drama film written and directed by JohnCena2305alt1. The story is about a middle-aged Peter Parker whose life is destroyed thanks to a symbiote virus killing his wife. He returns as Spider-Man to avenge his dead wife and overthrow a symbiote empire led by Venom, leading to their final showdown. The film is set to be released Fall 2020.


In 2050, most of the world's societal and governmental bodies have collapsed due to a symbiote virus and invasion created and led by Venom that resulted in the takeover of New York which killed 5 million of the city; mostly small children. Six years later, a broken, alcoholic Peter Parker lives with an estranged relationship with his family and inside a world without Spider-Man, having retired due to the death of his wife. One day, after a sudden change of motivation, he decides to come out of retirement and return as Spider-Man, determined to end Venom's reign of terror. Plagued with thoughts of paranoia and vengeance, as well as hallucinations of dead loved ones, his quest for justice culminates in a battle with him and Venom for possibly the last time.


Back in 2017, the director-writer of the film watched the X-Men film Logan. After thinking of an idea to make a Logan-style Spider-Man film, he decided to construct the story piece-by-piece. The film's story is inspired by Spider-Man stories "Spider-Man: Web of Shadows", and "Spider-Man: Reign", though it has a darker, more mature tone.

On April 10, 2018, MightysRockinStyle was cast as Spider-Man in the film.

On May 10th, 2018, the film's teaser poster was released. The following day, TEDOG1232 was cast as the main antagonist Venom. On May 13th, sonicrockrap was cast as J. Jonah Jameson.

On May 28th, the title was revealed to be "Spider-Man: Web of Shadows", though it was taken from the title of one of the story's basis, it also refers to the mental trauma and hardships the main protagonist, Spider-Man, is going through over the past six years, and how he has become a shadow of his own, spun web.


Actor Role
MightysRockinStyle Peter Parker/Spider-Man
TBA Mary Jane Watson
TEDOG1232 Eddie Brock/Venom
TBA Cletus Kasady/Carnage
TBA Anne Weying/She-Venom
TBA Donna Diego/Scream
TBA Patrick Mulligan/Toxin
TBA Hybrid
TBA Aunt May Parker
TBA Harry Osborn
TBA Kaine Parker/Scarlet Spider
sonicrockrap J. Jonah Jameson
TBA Mayday "May" Parker/Spider-Girl

​Main Characters

Name Basic Description Image
Peter Parker/Spider-Man The protagonist. He is a famous superhero. His life takes a twisted turn when his wife dies, breaking his heart to the point where he retires. Now living a life as an alcoholic, he now has no choice but to return as Spider-Man to save the world from impending doom. He suffers from PTSD and a little bit of schizophrenia, with his wife appearing as an imaginary friend and in hallucinations.
Mary Jane Watson The deuteragonist. She is Peter's wife. She is dead in the beginning of the film when she is infected with the "Black Alien" virus. Her death changes Peter's life, causing a strain in his relationship with his family, which turns him from a humorous, wise crime-fighter into a man who is slowly descending into insanity. She mostly appears as an imaginary friend, as a recurring hallucination, and in Peter's flashbacks.
Eddie Brock/Venom The main antagonist of the film. Eddie is an ordinary man who has a malicious, sinister dual identity as Venom. Venom, as well as his entire species, is dying from an energy crisis from the lack of hosts. Desperate, it results in it engineering the virus to ensure it's and their survival while destroying Spider-Man along with the victims of the virus' lethal symptoms, no matter the cost.
Anne Weying/She-Venom Eddie's ex-wife who also has a fragment of Venom as her own symbiote. Though she's been dead for years, she is revealed to have survived, though she is no longer Anne, preferring to refer itself as the symbiote. She is described as a fierce femme-fatale who possesses a quarter of Carnage's personality, and has a hunger for humans. She is Venom's bride and queen of the empire.
Donna Diego/Scream An offspring of Venom who was conceived from experimentation caused by the Life Foundation. It bonds itself to security guard Donna Diego, who is struggling with life's difficulties. She is Venom's princess of the empire itself, with similar symbiote abilities, but she can, however, use her long hair to trap enemies and her screech to disorient enemies within a mile away.
Patrick Mulligan/Toxin Carnage's offspring who is the 1000th symbiote in the Klyntar lineage, feared to be the strongest and most dangerous of them all, who suffers from psychosis. It's host is Patrick Mulligan, an Irish-American NYPD officer who uses the symbiote for his good intention. Working as an FBI undercover, Toxin is conflicted with taking down his family's empire or embracing it completely.
Hybrid A fusion of Life Foundation symbiotes; Agony, Phage, Riot, and Lasher, who are all offsprings of Venom. Though it was destroyed eventually by Carnage's psychotic episodes, a fragment of it survived, taken by Eddie Brock six years ago, placing it inside an LMD skeleton. It leads the empire's military enforcers.
Aunt May Parker Peter's aunt who works as a psychologist, who is trying to help her son move on and get rid of his PTSD. She is familiar with PTSD and schizophrenia, as Peter had suffered from these mental conditions twenty-six years earlier during his first few years as a hero. She is aware that he is Spider-Man, who is trying very hard to convince her nephew to come back.
Harry Osborn Peter's best friend who was once the second Green Goblin. Now a struggling CEO of his father's company, OsCorp, Harry is occasionally visiting his old classmates of Midtown High School to relieve himself from stress. He actively supports J. Jonah Jameson's campaign to bring Spider-Man back, while taking care of Peter while Aunt May is away.
Kaine Parker/Scarlet Spider A clone of Peter who acts his "brother", and an "uncle" to Peter's daughter. He is also the Scarlet Spider, who acts as a substitute to Peter while he is, at that time, retired. Though he knows of Peter's condition, he usually expresses his disdain over Peter's severe drinking problem which leads to serious complications.
J. Jonah Jameson The former Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Bugle who now leads a resistance movement, often called "The General". Despite him defacing Peter as a "menace" to New York, he now defaces Venom, calling him a "Genghis Khan" ripoff.
Mayday "May" Parker/Spider-Girl Peter's teenage daughter. Out of all the family members, she has the most hate over Peter due to his heavy drinking problems, usually misunderstanding his current situation. She goes by the superhero alias "Spider-Girl", who also substitutes for Peter in his retirement. Her hatred for her father is intense, to the point where she swears at him. She would go on to serve as the catalyst for Peter to come out of retirement.


  • The film will have a "heavy" R rating to fit with the violent and gloomy nature of the film.
  • Due to Mighty's absence for filming bits of the first act of the film, TEDOG1232 and Buddbudd222 stood in for Peter.
  • Three scenes of the film were improvised.