Template:Infobox ActorTEDOG1232 is a ROBLOXiwood actor and writer.


TEDOG1232 first appeared as the main leading role of Miles in a pilot episode for Blood Brothers series. He also appeared in the film An Ordinary Job Interview and agreed to write a screenplay for Roblox Nations Football League: The Movie. TEDOG also starred in the Larceny series.

TEDOG soon started to learn about ROBLOXiwood from CosimoValuta, who was a major contributor to his career. On April 19, 2014, TEDOG became the The Mafia Films's second prime minister, and was cast in PayDay For You and Me. On May 4, TEDOG signet to be cast as Spider-Man for three Sensational Spiderman films, however they never were made. TEDOG was then cast in Criminal in a md a contracajor role. Circa

TEDOG1232 became owner of The Mafia Films in July, but shut it down two days later and became the owner of RobloxDC Studios.

Months later he announced his retirement but was brought back to ROBLOXiwood by Littlegreen1 who was able to convince TEDOG to comeback to ROBLOXiwood.

He regularly appeared as himself on the talk show Lets Talk: Roblox with Littlegreen1, and JuniorWaffelLover.


Writer Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status
RNFL 2015 Unknown Film Pre-Production
The Adventures of Ted and Little 2015 - 2016 Littlegreen1 Series Ongoing

Acting Filmography

Name Year Director Type Role Status
Blood Brothers 2014 Raddestdad Series Miles Completed
An Ordinary Job Interview 2014 CosimoValuta Film Taxi Driver Lost
Larceny 2014 Kady22 Series Extra Completed
Welcome back Routess 2014 Jjdp Short Extra Released
PayDay For You and Me 2014 CosimoValuta Film News Director Lost
ROBLOX Bank Heist Video 2014 Zanderman222 Short Robber 2 Released
ROBLOX Commercial - Join Radix Records! 2014 Tokyodrift7 Short Extra Released
The Masked Fighter 2014 Routess Series Lord Ochere, Blue, Eyeball Guards, Aragon, Snake Released
Dream Clouds 2014 Rick120, Madformerspro Film Prof. David Gregiss Released
The Walking Dead 2014 BenIsLegit Series Jason, James, Scope Lost
The Adventures of Doge 2014 Littlegreen1 Short Mr. Robot Released
The Shadow 2014 Littlegreen1 Series Shadow In-Production

Hero's Pride Episode 1

2014 Routess Series Man 1 Released
Sensational Spider-Man 2014 Twelvetothirteen Film Spider-Man/Peter Parker Cancelled
Criminal 2014 CosimoValuta Film Officer Gunther Released
Hyperblue (Reboot) 2014 ThecapcomFreak Film Jason Found
Murder 2014 JohnCena2305alt1 Film Joseph Lightoller Cancelled
Taylor 2014 Olliekins Film Austin Stafford Cancelled
Psychosis 2014 BenIsLegit Film N/A Cancelled
The Green Lantern 2014 AGavent Film Hal Jordan Cancelled
Orbital Providence 2014 Zilex1000 Film Pilot Callum Payton Released
Avenge (Reboot) 2014 CosimoValuta Short Jack Released
Vortex Security: The Common Enemy 2014 Rick120 Film Col/Rec. Boombox Cancelled
Liberty City: The Deed 2014 MagicTouch Film Caesar Cancelled
Goodnight Saigon 2014 AlmightyNoob Film Captain Johnathan "Jack" Flash Cancelled
The Noob Movie II: Dimension Tension 2014 Bobtheclumsyman Film Builderman, Buildco Trainee 1, 2, 3, and 4, Buildo Movement Officer Released
The Discrepancy 2015 CosimoValuta Film Ramsey Released
Innovation 2015 Littlegreen1 Film Lawrence Baker Released
The Closet 2015 Coollegodude1 Film Extra Released
Lets Talk: Roblox (Series) 2015 Littlegreen1, TEDOG1232, Juniorwafflelover Series Himself Ongoing
Hello 2015 Brisingric Film Jacob Pierson Cancelled
Innovation 2 2015 Littlegreen1 Film Lawrence Baker Cancelled
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen N/A Poppleworks Film Allan Quatermain Uncertain
Justice League Divided 2015 BATMAN21005, Moses747 Film Superman In-Production
Free Fall 2015 Ultrazz Film Reassigning Cancelled
Stonecreek 2015 Coollegodude1 Film John King In-Production
Harvey 2015-2016 Poppleworks Film Elwood P. Dowd In-Production
The Adventures of Ted Little and Joey 2015 Littlegreen1 Series Ted Ornelas In-Production
Beatles 2016 Poppleworks, XavierSantiago Film

John Lennon

The Adventures of Ted and Little 2016 Littlegreen1 Series Ted Never Released
Le Souffrance 2017 DonValuta Short Jean-Francois Petrain Released
Est Propheticia 2017 DonValuta Film Extra Released
Dead End 2017/2018 JTVMusicTV Film Team Leader In-Production
Rainbow 2018 WeepinnWillow Film Aubin In-Production


The BLOX Awards
Year Category Result Recipient Work
2014 Best Actor in a Leading Role Nominated TEDOG1232 as Batman Batman
Best Actor in a Supporting Role Nominated TEDOG1232 as Professor David Gregiss Dream Clouds
Nominated TEDOG1232 as News Director PayDay For You and Me
The 21005 Awards
Year Category Result Recipient Work
2015 Best Actor in a Leading Role Nominated TEDOG1232 as Lawrence Baker Innovation
Best Actor in a Supporting Role Nominated TEDOG1232 as Professor David Gregiss Dream Clouds