The Contender is a 2017 ROBLOX short film directed by DonValuta. The screenplay was written by DonValuta and Jacob2934, with MarioDude0123 writing the story.


Chris Friedrich competes in an underground fighting tournament in order to win the cash prize to move his family out of the inner cities to Germany.


In late December 2013, The Mafia Films solicited suggestions for a new mini-series from TMF members. One idea was pitched by MarioDude0123 to CosimoValuta on December 23, 2013. The concept was for a sitcom stylized as an "intense, shōnen anime" following a character trying to become a martial arts master competing in a fighting contest, in order to win prize money. The suggestion was never developed, and remained so until May 19, 2017, when DonValuta was considering new ideas for a TMF short film and rediscovered the suggestion.

Jacob2934 offered to write out a screenplay for the short, entitled Blood on The Walls, which was completed on June 15. DonValuta rewrote the screenplay on October 1 in conjunction with the script for Est Propheticia, renaming it The Contender. Filming began and ended on October 7, with editing completed on October 14. The trailer was released on October 14 with the full short uploaded on October 15.


Actor Role
LBrandon8934 Chris Friedrich
MarioDude0123 Roger Hammerstein
Actor Role
JTVMusicTV Maria Friedrich
WeepinnWillow Caroline Friedrich
AmericanWarshipsFilm Greg Wilson
Juzzy4 Tyler MacDonald
Buddbudd222 Matthew Tads
Jacob2934 Frank Martin
Ultrazz MightyPGK


  • MarioDude0123's original concept for The Contender involved the main character competing in a fighting tournament in order to win a cash prize that he would then buy a mansion for his family, however, the main character would later have to fight the buyer who bought the mansion before he could purchase it.
  • Jacob2934's original screenplay was rewritten by DonValuta as a pro-Afd short in the aftermath of the 2017 Germany Parliamentary elections.



The Contender Trailer (2017 Short Film)

The Contender Trailer (2017 Short Film)

Full Movie

The Contender (2017 Short Film)

The Contender (2017 Short Film)