The Discrepancy is a 2015 ROBLOX film directed by CosimoValuta. The script was written by CosimoValuta and BATMAN21005, with CosimoValuta and Supersilverchaos writing the story. BenIsLegit serves as a creative consultant on the film.


A mathematician, appointed by the government, attempts to prove the Grand Unified Theory linking quantum mechanics and relativity together. As he gets closer to the answer, reality around him begins to unravel in a surrealistic turn.


In late 2013, Supersilverchaos created the idea for The Discrepancy as a post-apocalyptic sci-fi film with Supersilverchaos planning to direct the film himself, while BenIsLegit Studios distributed the film. BenIsLegit and Supersilverchaos later began scriptwriting the film. On March 13, 2014, CosimoValuta was hired as another scriptwriter. The film was to be released April 2014, but production was officially cancelled on May 27, 2014.

On January 18, 2015, CosimoValuta took over the project as the director. Neither Supersilverchaos nor BenIsLegit approved the aquisition of the IP from BenIsLegit Studios to the Neo-Avant Institution, but CosimoValuta settled with both of them by agreeing to accredit them on the film. BATMAN21005 was hired to co-write the film with CosimoValuta.

Scriptwriting began on January 19, and completed on January 27. Filming began on January 30, with the official casting of TEDOG1232 and Agentmeap as the film's leads, and the release of the official character posters. The teaser trailer was released on February 8, 2015. Later, the official trailer was released on February 13, 2015. The film was released on February 14, 2015.


Actor Role
TEDOG1232 Ramsey
Agentmeap Vito
Littlegreen1 Ultrazz
JohnCena2305alt1 BATMAN21005
Mathlete97 Raddestdad
Shyguydanny Coollegodude1
Joey18916 DinoZillaBoy


  • Ramsey's name comes from the Ramsey Theory, which is the study of conditions under which order must appear.
  • Vito's name comes from Vito Volterra, a famous mathematician and physicist.

Main Characters

Name Basic Description Image
Ramsey Ramsey is a mathematician who has been tasked by the government to solve the "Theory of Everything".
Vito Vito is a government official who has been assigned to oversee Ramsey's progress on solving the Grand Unified Theory.



The Discrepancy - Teaser Trailer (2015 Film)

The Discrepancy - Teaser Trailer (2015 Film)

The Discrepancy - Theatrical Trailer (2015 Film)

The Discrepancy - Theatrical Trailer (2015 Film)

​Full Movie

The Discrepancy - Full Movie (2015 Film)

The Discrepancy - Full Movie (2015 Film)