The Heist is a 2013 ROBLOX film directed by CosimoValuta and AmericanWarshipsFilm. The film was written by CosimoValuta and Nickross03597 with Nickross03597 providing the story.


Ghost, a master thief, is done wrong by Furious Styles, and is left for dead in a ditch, but he lives with the help of his love Rose. After months of healing, Ghost comes up with a plan to get his former boss and take every penny he’s got. To do so, Ghost must first gather his crew and prepare them for the biggest heist of their lives.


On June 12, 2013, Nickross03597 sent CosimoValuta a pitch for a film entitled Power, which would feature several characters that would later go on to be incorporated into Nick's other film idea for The Heist, which was pitched on June 13. After CosimoValuta declined to direct the film, AmericanWarshipsFilm was the next director approached by Nick to helm the film, an offer which he accepted. On June 21, CosimoValuta held a poll in The Mafia Films group to determine what film idea the company would pursue. The Heist, which was one of the options, won the straw poll.

On June 26, CosimoValuta wrote out the screenplay for the film, however with AmericanWarshipsFilm already slated as the director, CosimoValuta forcefully took over the project from American and relegated him to the status of Guest Director on the film. On July 1, principal photography began on the movie, and was completed in late July. On July 27, The Heist was officially released.


Actor Role
Popsfootloose949 Ghost
Zilex1000 Furious Styles
MisterThrowback Loco, Bone Crusher
Rick120 Rob
Gamerwalk Quick, El Diante Underboss
Actor Role
Rachelmay1 Rose
Buzzlightyear32123 Chainsaw
Blitzen Kato
ThecapcomFreak Nate
Nickross03597 Officer Gunther
Superpenguin55 Harry131291
Mr44 BenIsLegit
Darwin12 MarioDude0123
Naruto12345677 KingJonas42
Twister956 RuthlessWarbeast
Coolness34 CosimoValuta


  • Nickross03597's film idea for Power had the characters of Ghost, Loco, Rob, Kato, and Rose as the main characters, along with a character named Quicks, who would be the inspiration for the character Quick from The Heist.
  • The film's audio track was muted by YouTube not long after its initial release, prompting CosimoValuta to upload the film to Vimeo on July 26, 2013. The film was later removed from Vimeo after that channel was shut down. To this date, no version of The Heist with its audio intact is public.
  • The film was digitally remastered on October 18, 2015, with YouTube still muting the video track.
  • A deleted scene from the movie had the character Ghost mention a city called Carlaville in Carlo County, Texas as the place he wanted to travel to next. This was to set up an eventual crossover with the Carlo County Outlaws franchise but was removed from the film during the remaster.


After the release of The Heist, CosimoValuta began developing a short film epilogue entitled After The Heist, which would focus on two detectives, Detective al-Islam and Detective Johnson, investigating the bank robbery and uncovering the tracks of Ghost and his crew. The film would end with SWAT teams storming Ghost's home in Wisconsin, killing Rose and her son. In retaliation, Rob goes undercover and kills both detectives in their offices. The short would end with Ghost and his crew leaving for Carlaville, for the crossover with the Carlo County Outlaws franchise. The crossover was cancelled as a part of company reforms in TMF to focus on high-quality content in late 2013.

The Heist II: After The Heist was the second attempt at a sequel installment. This film was to focus on the story of a drug cartel based in Mexico threatening Ghost and his crew, resulting in the gang going down into Mexico and wiping out the drug cartel themselves. The project was announced at the 2015 Octoberfest Film Festival. After a decision by CosimoValuta to not make sequels to old TMF movies that had ROBLOX 2.0 bodies, the project was cancelled.

A potential reboot to The Heist was being developed shortly after the sequel project was cancelled in 2016. DonValuta opted for this reboot to focus on events which occurred after Ghost and his crew rob the Bank of Belleville, similar to the previous attempt for a sequel. On April 15, 2018, DonValuta announced that the reboot was upcoming.


Year Award Recipient Results
2013 Best Dramatic Picture CosimoValuta, AmericanWarshipsFilm Nominated
Best Actor In A Leading Role Popsfootloose949 as Ghost Nominated
Best Actor In A Supporting Role Blitzen as Kato Nominated
Best Use of Video Effects CosimoValuta, AmericanWarshipsFilm Nominated
Picture of The Year CosimoValuta, AmericanWarshipsFilm Nominated
Actor of The Year Popsfootloose949 as Ghost Nominated

Main Characters

Name Basic Description Image
Ghost The main protagonist of the film, who is a master thief who works for Furious Styles. However, he is betrayed by his boss and wants payback.
Furious Styles A big crime boss in the town, Furious Styles is secretely an undercover police informer who betrays Ghost and leaves him for dead.
Loco The wildcard member of Ghost's crew, he shows how dangeriously crazy and on the edge he in whatever operation they do.
Rose The love interest of Ghost, who helps to heal him when he is left for dead by Furious Styles..
Quick A former streetracer, Quick is Ghost's crew's getaway driver and transportation specialist
Rob A true master of disguises and ingenious criminal, Rob is a valuable member of Ghost's crew.
Kato A gun-happy enforcer for Furious Styles, Kato is ready to die for his boss at whatever means necessary.
ChainSaw A psychotic maniac who has no morals and stop at nothing to get his kill, ChainSaw is an insane assassin who is at the top of Furious Styles' list for when he needs a hit to be taken out.



The Heist - Trailer (2013 Film)

The Heist - Trailer (2013 Film)

Full Movie

The Heist - Full Movie (2013 Film)

The Heist - Full Movie (2013 Film)