The House is a 2012 ROBLOX film written and directed by Harry131291. It is the first installment in The House Trilogy.


Brothers Jacob and Arthur Jeckins visit their childhood home soon after their mother, Mary, dies. When they get there, they have to stay the night and soon realize that they are not alone, and that their mother's spirit did not move on.


In early 2012, Harry131291 began development on a horror movie project, entitled The Return. Shortly afterwards, another Robloxiwood director approached Harry131291 requesting Harry131291 change the title of the horror project as to not conflict with his own miniseries idea. Harry131291 renamed the movie project to The House. The film was released on March 10, 2012.


Actor Role
Zilex1000 Jacob Jeckins, Arthur Jeckins
Harry131291 Arthur Jeckins, Mary Jeckins
Way245 Mary Jeckins
Gutbomber Jacob Jeckins


  • The first time in The House Franchise we see Mary Jeckins's face. In this movie, it is the Pumpkin Face.
  • Harry131291 was heavily inspired by the film ​The Woman In Black.


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In May of 2012, Harry131291 officially released the sequel to The House, entitled, The House 2, which follows up on events that occurred in the original film: Jacob Jeckins coping with Arthur Jeckins's death, and realizing his mother's spirit may not have been destroyed with the house fire.

In Summer 2012, Zilex1000 secured the rights to distribute an official prequel to The House, entitled Tales From The House, which followed the Grove family as they moved into the Jeckins house and experience paranormal activity. The film was released in three parts over July-September of 2012. 

In 2015, Harry131291 announced he was officially rebooting the entire franchise. In early 2016, Rick120 took over the reboot project for The House from Harry131291. The House (Reboot) was released on June 19, 2016.