The House 2 is a 2012 ROBLOX film written and directed by Harry131291. It is a sequel to Harry131291's film The House, and the second installment in The House Trilogy.


Jacob Jeckins is trying to cope with the death of his brother, Arthur. While he tries to cope, his mother, Mary's spirit returns to haunt Jacob.


After the positive reception from The House, Harry131291 decided to make an official sequel to the original film. The movie would be structured around exploring the trauma of Jacob Jeckins after his brother Arthur Jeckins's death and how Mary Jeckins's spirit would not leave him alone.

Two months after the original film was released, Harry131291 completed production and released the film on May 8, 2012.


Actor Role
Gutbomber Jacob Jeckins
Way245 Jacob Jeckins
Zilex1000 Jacob Jeckins
Harry131291 Mary Jeckins
Olympus23 Mary Jeckins


  • Only 1 line said throughout the entire movie. The film mostly focuses on the physical actions of Jacob Jeckins and Mary Jeckins.


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After the release of The House 2, later in 2012, Harry131291 announced that he was going to make a third and final film to complete The House Trilogy, entitled The House 3, before he later cancelled the project on August of 2013.


ROBLOX Film Awards
Year Award Recipient Results
2012 Best ROBLOX Film Harry131291 Nominated