The House 3 is a 2013 cancelled ROBLOX film written and directed by Harry131291. It was to be the official sequel to Harry131291's The House 2, and would have been the final film in The House Trilogy.


No details on the plot were ever released.


After the positive reception to The House 2, later in 2012, Harry131291 announced that he was going to make a third and final film to complete The House Trilogy. The film was expected to be released in the Summer of 2013. On April 13, 2013, an official teaser trailer was released. The film had been into production until August of 2013, where Harry131291 cancelled the project. According to a comment made on The House 2 YouTube video, Harry131291 stated: "THE HOUSE 3 IS CANCELLED DUE TO PROBLEMS"

On February 11, 2014, Harry131291 released the following statement concerning the film:

"Because of the overall quality of the film...The story was way too sloppy for the big screen. It was improvised and it wasn't very creative. I planned for it to be a feature-film length movie, which means I stretched out everything good and turned it into something deviously mediocre. The picture quality as well was sloppy, even worse than the second and first films. The character development as well as the dialogue was terrible and the sound was just 'okay'. This would not pass for a decent film in any standard and I would very much rather have a good film than get it out as quickly as possible." ~Harry131291


Actor Role
Harry131291 N/A
Gutbomber N/A
CosimoValuta N/A
Olympus23 N/A
Zilex1000 N/A
LordZhami12 N/A
Itachi5036 N/A
KrisBush15 N/A


  • The film was to be Harry131291's final film he would make in The House Franchise.