The Innovation​ is a 2016 ROBLOX film directed by DonValuta and produced by BenIsLegit. Littlegreen1 serves as the film's executive producer. The screenplay was written by DonValuta with Littlegreen1 providing the story. It is a film adaptation of Littlegreen1's short film Innovation.


Lawrence Baker is taken on a religious and spiritual journey when the pharmaceutical company he works for is tasked with creating the cure to a worldwide plague that has decimated the human race.


When Littlegreen1 released the original Innovation, the short film was released under the Neo-Avant Institution label as an independent co-production. On October 8, 2015, DonValuta and Littlegreen1 arranged a deal to co-own the intellectual property rights to the Innovation franchise, encompassing the sequels and potential rights to a full-length movie.

On October 11, DonValuta and Littlegreen1 agreed to greenlight an official film adaptation of Innovation. The film was officially announced at the 2015 Octoberfest Film Festival on October 24. Scriptwriting began on October 29 and completed on November 6. Rewrites occurred subsequently on November 20 and December 6. Several original cast members from Innovation came back to reprize their roles. With a loss in inspiration, on December 15, DonValuta cancelled The Innovation.

The project was later resurrected on May 24, 2016, with three more drafts written in June. BenIsLegit signed on to produce the film, supplying information on animation techniques and set pieces. Principal photography began on July 1 and continued until August 6. The film was finished with editing on December 27, and officially released on December 29.


Actor Role
Godsavenger Lawrence Baker
Coollegodude1 Shawn Baker
Buddbudd222 Ramsey Rosenberg
Bobtheclumsyman Taavetti Macario
Actor Role
DonValuta Junior Waffle, Martin Stallone, Morty Greensboro
Ultrazz Ryan Rand
Ryanstar123455 Jagan Thorne
Littlegreen1 The Shadow
BenIsLegit Samael Czernobog
Badass835 Plague Refugee
AmericanWarshipsFilm EddieScellta
Agentmeap LordCrossfire82 (uncredited)


  • The film uses story elements present in Innovation, the cancelled prequel Innovation 2, and the cancelled sequel Innovation 3.
  • Most of the cast from Innovation and Innovation 2 reprized their roles for this film.
  • A total of six screenplay drafts were written, with each script vastly different from the previous version.
  • The film made extensive use of Roblox models for characters to speed up the filming process.
  • This is the final film released under The Neo-Avant Institution label.
  • The film was originally not supposed to end at Lawrence Baker reaching the bunker. Another chunk of the film dealing with Lawrence Baker being found and rescued, becoming the Messiah for the human race, was cut out due to several production issues and a lack of inspiration to continue the film.

​Main Characters

Name Basic Description Image
Lawrence Baker Dr. Lawrence Baker is a Pharmacologist working at Catalyst Labs. Lawrence is working to cure the uncontrolled plague which has infected and killed many of his family members.
Lawrence Baker
Shawn Baker Shawn Baker is the brother of Lawrence Baker. Shawn begins to struggle with the ramifications of living in a postapocalyptic world.
Shawn Baker
Ramsey Rosenberg Ramsey Rosenberg is a Molecular Geneticist working at Catalyst Labs. Ramsey sees finding a cure as an impossible goal and believes in executing all infected people to prevent the spread of the plague.
Ramsey Rosenberg
Taavetti Macario Taavetti Macario is the Project Manager for the Medical Innovations division of Catalyst Labs. He is the one leading the charge for his team to find a cure to the plague.
Tavetti Macario



The Innovation - Teaser Trailer (2016 Film)

The Innovation - Teaser Trailer (2016 Film)

The Innovation - Theatrical Trailer (2016 Film)

The Innovation - Theatrical Trailer (2016 Film)

​Full Movie

The Innovation - Full Movie (2016 Film)

The Innovation - Full Movie (2016 Film)