The PayDay is an upcoming 2018 ROBLOX mini-series directed by DonValuta and distributed by The Mafia Films. The film is produced by Buddbudd222 and executive produced by Harry131291. The screenplay is written by DonValuta and Jacob2934, with Harry131291 and Poppleworks providing the story. It is the official reboot to PayDay For You and Me.


In The State of Midlands, plans for the consolidation of local and national power into the state government become the catalyst for a series of major events: From the assassination of the mayor of Midlands City, to the corporate mergers of mainstream media companies into one news outlet, and to the rise of alternative media websites. When the state's gubernatorial election is thrown into chaos after a catastrophic event, a reporter for BBN News Network named Mylo Poppoulist is assigned to the case, and discovers a deep conspiracy rooted in the Midlands government involving establishment politicians, the political parties, the mainstream media, and an individual who may hold the key to the mystery by the name of Simon Viklund.


Initially hesitant to create a sequel to PayDay For You and Me, DonValuta was lobbied extensively by BuddBudd222 in 2015 to create a sequel focusing on his own media company, BBN News. On January 1, 2017, The Mafia Films members held a vote on the next TMF project, and a sequel to PayDay won the referendum. Originally stylized as PayDay², the project would following on the events which occured in the original film. The screenplay was completed on January 27.

DonValuta felt that a sequel film could potentially outdate the original with regards to the production qualities at that time. It was decided on January 27 that the new movie would be an official reboot of the original film, with the title shortened to PayDay. The existing script for PayDay² would be rewritten to include flashback sequences of events which occured in the original film. The new script was finished on March 27. After months of slow progress, difficulties in visualizing a natural reboot as well as lack of inspiration led DonValuta to delay the PayDay project indefinately on May 5.

On November 1, DonValuta brought back the PayDay project, with new plans to create a five-episode miniseries followed by a new movie. The mini-series would focus primarily on events which occured in the original movie and the movie would be following the events of PayDay². Jacob2934 was brought on to write the scripts for the miniseries episodes and DonValuta would retouch the existing script to PayDay². On November 5, DonValuta announced that the PayDay project would be a 17 episode mini-series, after Buddbudd222 expressed desires for the PayDay project to be a complete series of episodes. The official title of the mini-series was revealed to be The PayDay. On December 9, DonValuta announced that The PayDay would be expanded into a full series with 4 seasons of 5 episodes a piece. The series would be delayed indefinately until a time came when DonValuta could work on the full scripts for each episode.


Episode Title Description Director Release
1 "The Assasination" TBA DonValuta TBA
2 "Simon Viklund" TBA DonValuta TBA
3 "Alternative Media" TBA DonValuta TBA
4 "The Hack" TBA DonValuta TBA
5 "The System" TBA DonValuta TBA
Episode Title Description Director Release
6 "The Heist" TBA DonValuta TBA
7 "The Candidates" TBA DonValuta TBA
8 "The Debates" TBA DonValuta TBA
9 "Controlled Opposition" TBA DonValuta TBA
10 "Seth Richard" TBA DonValuta TBA
Episode Title Description Director Release
11 "The Investigation" TBA DonValuta TBA
12 "Conspiracy Theory" TBA DonValuta TBA
13 "Immanuel al-Awan" TBA DonValuta TBA
14 "Donacino Trumpf" TBA DonValuta TBA
15 "The Election" TBA DonValuta TBA
Episode Title Description Director Release
16 "The Purge" TBA DonValuta TBA
17 "Mylo Poppoulist" TBA DonValuta TBA
18 "The Swamp" TBA DonValuta TBA
19 "Final Deal" TBA DonValuta TBA
20 "The End" TBA DonValuta TBA


  • Inspired by the 2016 United States Presidential Elections and 2017 Virginia Gubernatorial Election.
  • Several references to various alternative news media outlets including Infowars, Drudge Report, Breitbart News Network, Project: Veritas, and The Young Turks.
  • Several references to various news media companies including CNN, FOX News, ABC News, MSNBC News, The Huffington Post and The Washington Post.
  • Several characters are references to real-life news media personalities.




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