Turbulence is a cancelled 2017 emotional aviation drama film directed by Johnairways8 and produced by JAStudios, in association with ST477 Film Productions and The Mafia Films.


Against impossible odds, a troubled pilot fights to confront his past in order to save all on board his stricken airliner.


In late 2016, Johnairways8 had begun to develop ideas of an aviation film in which it is centered around those on board as disaster strikes, also paying mind to Ultrazz's cancelled film, Free Fall. In January 2017, he teamed up with DonValuta to work on the film, who was on standby until the script is finished. He also reassured Johnairways8 that the plot for Turbulence is far different than what Free Fall was planned to be.

On January 1st, 2017, a promo for the movie was released. However, due to wanting to keep the movie much of a secret, a main trailer will not be made.

Some minor production has begun in ROBLOX Studio, which is how the majority of the film is to be made. It is also Johnairways8's first film to be mostly comprised of stopmotion, and his first produced film where he is not playing the leading role.

As of January 30th, 2017, the script is reportedly half to just over half completed, and is expected to be fully finished by February. Production began on February 5th, and acting filming was set to begin February 11th, but has been delayed. A short clip was released on the 11th.

On March 28th, 2017, Johnairways8 confirmed the film to be cancelled, stating: "We never got anywhere with filming, and a month later, nothing is happening. So, it isn't going to happen."

The script and what little progress was made on the movie was later lost when John's computer died.


Actor Role
DonValuta Adam
ST477 Kelvin, Kaylie
Johnairways8 Aron
MindTakeOver Courtney
Joeyoung808 Jennifer
BassArrowFyre Chloe


Actor Role
Johnairways8 Passengers
ST477 Security, passengers
Joeyoung808 Doctor, passengers
dare102102 Gate agent, soldier passenger
BassArrowFyre Soldier passenger, passengers
MindTakeOver Passengers
TheLostOfUsAll Passengers


  • Even though the majority of the film takes place on a Boeing 737, the cockpit scenes were filmed on board an Airbus A380. This was done to ensure a spacey cockpit for camera angles, and to avoid character models from overlapping in the tight space of a 737 cockpit.




Turbulence Promo -2017-

Turbulence Promo -2017-