MightysRockinStyle is an American Film/TV producer, Actor, and Television Executive. He is known for making Mighty Networks, which was previously XTV Communications, and Mighty Movies, previously 4Dimension Productions.


MightyPGK started his career in filmography in 2014. He hasn't written a film yet, but he has produced and starred in a film. He also has a history in TV, making the biggest network group in channel numbers known as Mighty Networks. His planned first film is The Secret, created and directed by him. The script writer, actors, and costume designers have not been selected, but he will be CD* if nobody is selected.




TV executive

  • Mighty Networks, CEO
  • Hexahedron Television, Business Partner
  • Voyager Television, Founder and CEO-by-Partner
  • Voyage Films Founder and CEO-by-Partner


"When life is pushing you down, fight your way back up!" -MightyPGK