Ultrazz is a ROBLOX film director and producer. He is the owner of ZZR Studios.


Ultrazz joined Roblox in July 2009. Having loved movies and acting all his life, he gravitated to Robloxiwood. There he began developing his feature film, ROCKY. As Robloxiwood was in it's infancy, Ultrazz set out to organize the community. On October 18th, 2009 Ultrazz opened ZZStudios. At the time, there was another large studio, RobloxiVideos running the forums. Ultrazz was a businessman first and saw the potential in a merger of the groups. On October 20th, 2009, RobloxiVideos mereged with ZZStudios to form ZZRoblox Studios (ZZR).

By February 2010, Ultrazz began finding it difficult to operate ZZR and attend to his life's commitments. Densle12 of X Pantion Studios was having similar troubles. ZZR Studios partnered with X Pantion Studios, shortly before it's dismantling. It helped produce it's final few projects. Ultrazz began to become more and more distant from the ZZR and the Robloxiwood communnity.

Out of the blue, Ultrazz decided to reconnect with old friends DonCurrency, Rick120, and LordCrossfire82. His brief return coincided with the opening of "The Ultrazz Centre," and the 2014 Octoberfest Film Festival, where he won the Lifetime Achievement Award. Ultrazz remains an influential leader in the Robloxiwood Community, and checks in on the community from time to time.


​Director Filmography

Name Poster Year Director Type Status
Carlo County Outlaws CarloCountyOutlaws 2009 DonCurrency, Ultrazz, RoYeL Film Released
Late Night at The Iron Cafe NoPoster 2009 Ultrazz Short Released
Free Fall NoPoster 2016 Ultrazz Film Delayed

Producer Filmography

Name Poster Year Director Role Type Status
Carlaville Carlaville 2018 DonValuta Producer Film In-Production

Acting Filmography

Name Poster Year Director Role Type Status
The GodBuilder NoPoster 2010 DonCurrency Peter Clemenza Film Lost
The Discrepancy TheDiscrepancy 2015 CosimoValuta Extra Film Released
The Innovation TheInnovation 2016 DonValuta Ryan Rand Film Released
The Contender TheContender 2017 DonValuta Extra Short Released