Hello, everyone.

If you're looking at this then you might realize it has been the (I'veLostGoddamnCount)th day of Murder's pre-production stages. If you don't know what it is, it's a horror-slasher film with noir and drama elements to it, to be released on Halloween weekend of 2018 where I'll be the director and co-writer. The plot's synopsis is kind of like this:

Two locally-famous detectives take on one of the most infamous cases in the history of Chicago, where they learn that the son of the alleged killer is not who he says he is. But as they grow closer to the truth and attempt to arrest a killer on the loose inside his mansion, disastrous consequences follow.

How's that sound?

By the way, right now I'll address the community about the multiple cancellations of the film: I blame it on both my creative block and writer's block. I know it's crazy, but I suffered from it. I eventually overcame it, but the years before I did were difficult. I couldn't find a way to treat it. But now, since they're gone now, we are currently in pre-production stages. Finally, this movie is gonna come out after years of procrastination and laziness! Currently, the writing process is done by a really good writer of the industry, Jacob2934. insert standing ovation here Once his script is done, I'll be script doctoring minor parts of his script, and once that's done, it'll be finally finished.

Once it is done, I'll put up a casting call in the form of another blog post, I know it'll be difficult to find actors since most of them reside in the old ROBLOXiwood (Now restarted, where it is ruled by the self-appointed, evil dictator BugaMeister as the old one was declared defunct by the equal, his partner-in-crime, TheCapcomfreak) but if they migrate here, that'll be great.

As for now, we have WeepinnWillow and Buddbudd222 as Allison Miller and Steve Turner, respectively.

This is JohnCena2305alt1, signing off.