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    May 2, 2017 by BenIsLegitRBLX

    Is anyone even here? I don't think so?

    There's no community here, I've admitted that for a while. This isn't even a cicrclejerk, it's a nonexistence-jerk. There isn't a growing community, it's literally nothing! The only people reading this are people who hate this wikipedia and everything it stands for, and maybe one or two people who are just trying to rustle their jimmies. I consider myself one of those people, except I don't care that much and I don't actually mean what I say.

    Well, this wiki wasn't created with bad intentions, really. It just turned out that way due to the hardcore free speech and open community. How about we have story time?

    I'm gonna get serious for a bit.

    Did you know at one point, DonValuta was wiki leader of ROBLOXiw…

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  • BenIsLegitRBLX

    I'm not gonna lie to you all, this wiki and community is a pile of rubble, merely consisting of maybe 5 or less members circle jerking in a clusterfuck of irrelevence. Robloxiwood and roblox TV are the same, concerning themselves with issues that don't matter whatsoever.

    I didn't concern myself with Robloxiwood politics beyond the occasional "I hope that guy stirring trouble dies from continual backdoor sausage injection" but then it appears I was made an admin and elected. 

    For this I apologize, that gave me a responsibility to look over the wiki and make it great. But I was lazy and would rather jerk off, eat cheetos, play CS:GO competitive, party, go out with friends everyday, spend every penny I had, etc.

    I still enjoy doing all that, and…

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    Defending The New Rule

    December 27, 2016 by BenIsLegitRBLX

    I'm sure the cucks at ROBLOXiwood have their tendies in a bunch over the new rule regarding community threats, comparing it to Fucktard1000's proposal of (almost) the same rule a few years back. Well, either listen or be soothed by this picture:

    For those unaware, some idiot was saying some mean words to Rick120 and he was very emotionally damaged by this. As a result, Zilex wanted to impose a rule that said that we ban anyone who is a community threat on the wiki, even if it was a non wiki issue. For example, say I tell someone, "Kill yourself, pussy!" on Skype. That would mean it was obligated for the admins to ban me for offending them.

    Seems unfair and petty, right? Well, you're goddamn right it was petty. That's absurd. I should be able t…

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