Is anyone even here? I don't think so?

There's no community here, I've admitted that for a while. This isn't even a cicrclejerk, it's a nonexistence-jerk. There isn't a growing community, it's literally nothing! The only people reading this are people who hate this wikipedia and everything it stands for, and maybe one or two people who are just trying to rustle their jimmies. I consider myself one of those people, except I don't care that much and I don't actually mean what I say.

Well, this wiki wasn't created with bad intentions, really. It just turned out that way due to the hardcore free speech and open community. How about we have story time?

I'm gonna get serious for a bit.

Story Time

Did you know at one point, DonValuta was wiki leader of ROBLOXiwood? The other admin team had stepped down, Don was leader, and I was one of the admins.

See at the time, I entertained the idea of making the admin team and leader electable, almost like a democracy. Don agreed, saying that the actions of the community should be based on the majority interest, not whoever is in charge thinks.

Though it may seem unimportant who is in charge of editing and maintaining the wikipedia, the truth is it's the epicenter of the ROBLOX film community and it's heart. Whoever speaks for it is the greatest influence you can think of. It's very important to realize this revelation.

Instead of doing whatever edits we wanted and changing the wikipedia to our own will, we tried to come up with a democratic process. The majority should influence, right?

Well, we didn't finish our process and ThecapcomFreak and Zilex1000 demanded that our lack of maintenance and change was due to incompetence. In his moment of weakness, Don gave up power and give back to them.

And you know what they did with that power? Well, what we feared. They did whatever edits they wanted and changed the wikipedia to their own will. Then proceeded a long process of a few years of torch handing and the same thing. I somehow became an admin more than once, but constantly faught with the other admins and was the "opposing voice" if you may.

Why it was hopeless.

I know you all remember the infamous vandalism committed by Routess, ThecapcomFreak, Zilex1000, SuperPenguin55, and AlmightyNoob.

At first, I found the infamous vandalism funny. Fair enough, it wasn't harmless but we could all reform. It'd take a few edits to switch back, and they'd all be banned and face justice.

This was not the case. They all walked free. Not just that, they were given adminship and allowed part of the team with open arms! They still, to this day, are looked up to with respect and admiration and seen as leading voices.

This was the most considerable example of corruption right inside ROBLOXiwood. While others can be banned and silenced simply for using a cuss or swear in their comments, they walk away and become the ones to "serve justice" on other users. The people who lecture others about ROBLOXiwood rules, integrity, and being competent admins, they committed one of the most petty and immature actions against our wikipedia.

I act with buffoonery and nonsensically use provactive humor to stir up those against me, yes. But I would never sink as low as scheming away from justice.

Why there's a chance to fix the damage that has been done.

We can't undo everything that's ever happened. But there's now a chance to redeem the image of a fair, electable process presented by me long ago.

Every person who engaged in the vandalism committed no longer has adminship or bureaucracy in the wikipedia. They're powerless.

With this in mind, the only admin of the wikipedia, BATMAN21005, has decided to cooperate to help with my image. In return, I'll return the ROBLOXiwood ROBLOX Group to whoever is in charge at the time of the elections.

The Plan

  1. Ban anyone involved in the vandalism (Perpetrated by Routess, ThecapcomFreak, Zilex1000, SuperPenguin55, and AlmightyNoob). Prove that no one is untouchable and that being part of the popular clique will not protect you from actual justice.
  2. Create a democratic process for the wikipedia so that the community's interests are thought of first.


Yes, it's true that these people helped maintained the wikipedia and the state of it came out better than it started. And since then, we've been plundered, controlled, and squeezed dry. What does more aesthetic looking edits and convenience mean when the cost is being lectured by those that are no better or even worse? They don't care about anyone except themselves and controlling the community. This is why this wikipedia was created. An attempt at a counter community where you won't be pulled by strings by puppeteers.

Are you willing to be plundered? Are you foolish enough to keep quiet and have no say? Yes or no? The reality is that only quality film makers are in control of the community and the majority is powerless. They shape the public opinion, and any others are silence and shamed.

Together, we can take down this toxic clique and we can come together as one, united community.

Truthfully, I believe that giving up on this counter community is the first step. It's time for us to set aside our differences. This is a movement that interests all of us, even if you hate me.

As part of this peace treaty, I will delete any old blog posts and we can start anew.