Good Evening Everyone,

Now that the security of the wikia is no longer under threat of vandalism, the wikia must move forward and ensure law and order is re-established. The community of us, exiles from RobloxTV and the now-dead Robloxiwood wikias, came here because we wanted control over our properties and our freedom to engage civically with one another. The establishment so-called wikia leaders of the past always had put their interests above the people they were supposed to serve. No longer, this wikia will empower movie and television directors to go down their own path as they choose and to have our wikia as their home platform, or if they so wish, they can create a new wikia and partner with us.

The next step in reconstituting this wikia is bringing together an interim administration which will debate and decide over the direction the wikia will follow. I hope that the administration makes the right decisions to preserve the safety and security of the people.

The Decision

As the sovereign bureaucrat in control of the wikia, I have so decided to appoint an interim government which will lead us to transition back to normalcy. It is in my opinion that the results from the previous elections held in January should stand as close as they can. This means several members will have either their proper place on the government restored or they will be appointed by me to fill in for old positions.

  • Johncena2305alt1 will be the wikia's Interim Content Moderator.
  • Buddbudd222 will be the wikia's Interim Discussions Moderator.
  • DonValuta will be the wikia's Interim Bureaucrat.
  • WeepinWillow will be the wikia's Interim Administrator.
  • MightyPGK will be the wikia's Interim Rollback.

Next Steps

After I adjust and appoint each member to the adminship, the following steps will likely be taken

  1. Create a Discord Chat
  2. Define each administrative role and responsibilities associated with it.
  3. Lay out new Administrative Guidelines and Procedures
  4. Write out the Rules and Conditions of the wiki
  5. Implement a series of Punishments for rule violations including for Administrative Abuse
  6. Specify User Rights
  7. Recreate Article Guidelines and Wikia Formatting
  8. Establish a timetable for wikia elections.

Once enacted, these plans will finally bring our wikia back up to peace.