Good Afternoon Everyone,

It is time for the RFTW wikia to transition from our interim administration to a permanent, official wikia government. For the past couple months, the wikia has recovered from what seemed to be a never-ending period of vandalism, admin abuse, and incompetence on every level. We have brought back order, stability, and now representative governance.

In an old blog post, I explained how wikia elections would work and operate. Much has changed since the first wikia elections were held almost a full year ago. We have new positions, new policies, but now, we have a history of when elections become compromised and the wikia elects a leader who failed to lead anything but the wikia into a path of destruction and personal spite.

To make sure this wikia never elects another BenIsLegit, new policies and procedures have been implemented with regards to elections:

1. The Right to Lead, Vote, and Judge

The wording of this right will be amended to the following:

"All RFTW users who have not been convicted of a Critical Rule violation, or have had their convictions expunged, have the opportunity to run in wikia administration elections whenever those elections are held. If any wikia user suspects voter fraud, they have the right to challenge election results in a community audit. Every member of the wikia has the right to vote in these elections."

2. The addition of a new rule: Voter Fraud

"This rule refers to a wikia user who conspires to rig wikia elections either through multiple voting techniques, such as creating multiple wikia accounts to amplify votes, changing IP addresses to vote multiple times, or any other attempts to impact the results of an election. The rule violation related to this is Voter Fraud"

3. New Positions

These are the 5 administrator positions:

  1. .Bureaucrat: The most powerful position on the wikia administration. Keeps order amongst the administrators.
  2. .Administrator: The Administrator is responsible for controlling bans and listening to user concerns, as well as technical wikia support.
  3. .Content Moderator: Administrators responsible for keeping the wikia pages formatted and the front page updated.
  4. .Discussion Moderator: Administrators responsible for moderating content on pages, in the forum, and on the chatboard.
  5. . Rollback: Rolls back pages affected by vandalism or accidentally changed.

4. New Ways To Run

All five positions are eligible for users to run for. Any user who meets the minimum qualifications to run for a position can run for one position of their choice. The Wikia Bureaucrat is responsible for lisiting all eligible candidates for each position. People can request a position to run for up to the first day of voting.

The only unique circumstance is running for Bureaucrat. Bureaucrat candidates are selected by the current wikia bureaucrat in order to prevent people from running who may not have the ability to successfully lead the wiki. However, if a user who wanted to run for a bureaucrat spot is not chosen, they have the right to challenge this decision by appealing to the other wikia administrators. If all 4 other administrators agree that a candidate should be included on a bureaucrat election, the bureaucrat has no choice but to then add that person.

5. Election Timeline

Elections will remain in a cycle of every 6 months: June 29 - 30 and December 30 - 31 of every year. Special elections, like when an administrator resigns, will be held the next available weekend and the winner will complete the remainder of that administrator's term. The new administrator will still have to run in the normally scheduled election cycles.

6. Election Voting

Elections will be held using an offsite voting survey. This link will be sent out through a blog post. There will be five polls for each category. Poll closes at midnight the last voting day. New administration members announced the day afterwards.

7. Transfer of Power

The transfer of power works this way, the previous administration's Bureaucrat promotes all of the newly elected administrators to their positions. The Bureaucrat then proceeds to demote the old administrators.

If the Bureaucrat position itself has a new person elected, the Bureaucrat demotes himself once the newly elected bureaucrat is properly promoted.

8. A New Section in Wikia Administration listing the details of how elections work.

Codifying this blog post into a new section on the wikia administration page.